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      I am supposed to pick up quest, “A swift message from Smith Argus but he does not have the quest available. Do I just ignore it? Guide is complete up to that point.


        According to Wowhead the npc is Quartermaster Lewis and I’ve checked the guide and the NPC id is correct, I’ve also checked the NPC localization file to find that the npc name is also correct.

        /way 1436 56.8, 47.2 Quartermaster Lewis

        If he does not have the quest you may want to double check the guide, type the following:

        /dugi config

        Current Guide tab, click Reset button, wait 3-4 seconds then click Reload button, you’d want to click them both once.

        If the guide is showing Smith Argus, can you please take a screenshot and attach it to this thread? you can click Attach File  or Attach Image 
        You can use the windows inbuilt Snipping tool to take the screenshot and then use Paint press CTRL + V then click the crop tool , if it’s full screen just click File Save as, give the file a name and choose where to save it then click Save.
        Another application you can use, which I use a lot is ShareX, its an open source application and there’s a lot of youtube videos demonstrating how to set it up and how to use. It automatically saves the file, it’s great. 👍😉

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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