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    This is what dugi guides asked me to do. I have completed but the NPC has moved and she doesn’t accept the completion.


      I’m not quite sure what you mean in both screenshot, can you explain again. 


      i followed the quest according to dugi guide…but the npc move from original place and when you find her, she doesn’t have the ? symbol above her head to receive the completion.As you see from the first top picture it shows I have collected what she wanted. The second picture also indicates where to hand in the quest, which is to the npc. The middle ? is where I hand in and it shows adapt, improve and overcome from dugi guides. The other ? are from a different quest all together and I handed them in after this picture was taken. But not the original quest which is still waiting to hand in


      also, there is a quest shortly after that where you talk to bondo or whatever his name is. unfortunately, he does talk to you so you cannot start the fight


      looking into it futher,…. to appears as if you have to go to chromie and be phased. This is not clear in the guide

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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