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    I cannot find Anaya . . . I’ve tried various suggestions from various iterations of the game, going back to 2011, and one recent, but I simply cannot find her. Any help would be great . . . like, coordinates, maybe?


      She should be where the guide say she is

      you might need to wait for he to spawn if she was recently killed, try using the Target button with the guide or use macro /tar Anaya Dawnrunner


      Very much appreciated . . . will try again.


      Tried again, and waited around a long time. No show. Not sure I know how to use macros any more, if I ever did. Have heard someone with the same problem say he went around ‘spamming’ the macro until it picked her up. I know where macros get created, but I’m not sure how to use them–or for sure how to make one that does what I want it to. Anyhow, that may be too much to ask here . . . might just have to give that quest a pass. Will try again if anyone can offer more insight. Thanks.


        to use macro you can just type /tar Anaya Dawnrunner in chat 

        or to create button type /macro  to open macro frame

        then select a slot and enter /tar Anaya Dawnrunner  in the box then drag and drop the button to your action bar. 


        Dugi: again, thank you . . . and I will try (try) again. Maybe she’s afraid of me. :)


        Finally found her–but she is VERY hard to see . . . diaphanous, and more so than the other spirits in that place. Not as hard to ‘dispatch’ as I thought she’d be (level 16 warrior, fighting solo).

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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