feezmo said:

    Do I need to install TomTom to be able to use Dugi arrow? I’m new member and I never seen Dugi arrow yet. I tried to turn it on and off in settings many times, but nothing changed.

    //Dugi Guide is the best addon for wow I ever seen, thank you guys for your job!

    No you don’t need TomTom or Carbonite addons to use the Dugi Arrow.
    Just ensure that the Classic Arrow is checked Ie:
     |x| Show Dugi Arrow
             |x| Show Corpse Arrow
             |x| Classic Arrow
    (The x’s are ticks)

    You won’t need tomtom if you keep “TomTom Addon Emulation” checked.
    I hope this helps, if not you may need to do a repair using the Dugi AutoInstaller and reinstall the guides.