Ozzi said:

    gaellin said:

    Dugi guides no longer loads in game, this has been since WotLK Classic recent update.  Addon shows as 3.033 on Dugi download page, then as 3.040 once downloaded but as 3.031 ingame.

    gaellin said:

    Dugi guides no longer loads in game

    3.031 ingame.

    I’m confused, is it showing in game or it isn’t, a major inconsistency there. Since you said in game it shows 3.031 despite you installing 3.040 then do the following:

    Can you please run your Dugi Installer.

    1. Click on Options.
    2. Check your game paths
      Default locations which does matter if you on purposely changed them:
      Retail = PathWorld of Warcraft_retail_
      Wrath Classic / TBC = PathWorld of Warcraft_classic_
      Classic Era = PathWorld of Warcraft_classic_era_
    3. Click Repair
    4. Click Okay x3 times.
    5. Click Okay.
    6. Click Reinstall

    Run the game and check again, the guides should appear as 3.040

    If you don’t have Retail and or Classic Era installed, you can eliminate the red highlight by clicking Ignore Retail / Ignore Classic Era check boxes, these are found far right hand side of each location field. With them checked, the Installer will no longer check those install paths. There’s no need to change the _client_ at the end of each install path.

    Example 1: This is if you don’t have Retail and Classic Era installed

    Example 2: This is if you don’t have Classic Era installed

    Ignore my Drive letter.

    It does NOT show in game fully loaded character, but it does show as an addon under addons (3.031) before entering game with a character.  On download page it shows as 3.033, and once downloaded the file shows as 3.040.

    I have never (in 15+years of using Dugi) used the Dugi installer, I always download from the webpage download link.