The new “Dynamic Arrow” is not meant to be locked or moved, it is designed to rotate around the character in a 360 degree radius, in saying that, you can change the radius by moving the Size (7) slider, that’s it. If the “Icon Arrow” is unchecked, it should bring back the old “Static Arrow” which is designed to be locked in any given location on screen. The Use Carbonite Arrow or Use Tomtom Arrow will be available when DugiGuides detects any of those addons (Carbonite and or Tomtom) that is enabled and running along side DugiGuides.
    The “Ctrl + Right Click Arrow Menu” will be enabled by default, you can find that setting under “Other”.
    I have on purposely Installed TBC and installed DugiGuides to test, however, I was unable to re-produce any of the things stated in this thread and others that I have read through out the forum.
    If one can provide a short video or screenshots showing the issues would be great, we can then look in to this further.