Hi, I am sorry, there’s not much information there to describe the issue you are having.
    It’s recommended to ensure you are logged in with your Website Username and Password within the DugiGuides installer before you update.

    In-Game Right click the DG button or Right click the Guides frame, Click the Home tab, Then click Leveling or Achievements, in them you would find Shadowlands.
    Under Leveling you would find guides for first time leveling which starts with The Maw (50+) then progresses to each zone you choose to do.
    For alts you initially use The Maw (50+) guide then get to choose between Story Only or Threads of Fate.
    For any character at level 60 you can now use Covenant Campaign (60+) guides.
    Under Achievements you would find guides for Exploration | Quests for any of the zones (Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, The Maw) which would generally be Explore .. Adventurer of .. and so on..
    Dugi has also included the new zone Korthia which was added in 9.1, that questline can be found under Korthia within the Achievements.
    Dugi will be adopting the same thing for the 9.2 patch which will be released on 22 of Feb. There will be the main story line and the achievement for flight as well as Explore Zereth Mortis, Treasures of Zereth Mortis etc.

    I hope this helps.