Please follow these steps

    Ozzi said:

    Ensure that you have correctly entered your dugiguides website Username and Password in the installer.
    1. Open the DugiGuides installer.
    2. Click on the Settings button.
    3. Enter your DugiGuides website Username and Password in their appropriate fields.
    4. While in the settings, ensure that the World of Warcraft install path & Classic Era install path & TBC install path are correct, click Auto Detect Paths button if you are unsure.
    5. Click on the Okay button.
    6. Click Reinstall button if it doesn’t automatically download & install.
    7. Close DugiGuides installer.

    Run World of Warcraft Retail or Classic or TBC and check if this has resolved it, if not, I suggest for you to start a ticket here. https://www.dugiguides.com/amember/helpdesk Dugi will investigate further, that way, if there is a payment issue, that will be done privately between yourself and Dugi.

    I hope this helps and that you can get back in to the game. Good luck!