AAgny said:

    Mine is On Win 10, and it is in a continual 8.9991 to 8.9992 upgrade loop.
    I have done a reinstall.
    Additional Ideas?

    Hello, please try this until Dugi updates the .toc file on his webhost

    Ozzi said:

    @everyone I hope you know that for now you can install the guides manually. I’m sorry iMac users, there’s no manual download, there should be, perhaps Dugi can look at that as well as fixing the issue with the installers.

    I know this will be very annoying having to do this manually, for now, manual is the only way that will work until Dugi fixes this, please have some patience.
    While doing this manually, please ensure that the Dugi Installer is not running, download and extract the .zip file to your AddOns folder, instructions are in the Members area. Until Dugi fixes the issue found in the installer refrain from using it until it is fixed. Dugi will announce when he fixed it. I just wish I can help those of you that use iMac.