axhill said:

    Just bought the $30 Shadowsland Update expansion. I get an e-mail with a link in a green bar “Download or Access Digital Product”.
    When I click on it, I am redirected to a page on Dugi’s website “Thank you for Signing up”.
    But it is not clear where the purchased add-on is and it is not automatically placed in my Downloads folder…
    Simple question (with probably a simple answer): how do I get this Shadowsland add-on?

    Hi axhill, and thanks for your recent purchase.

    You will need to run the Dugi Installer, ensure that it’s logged in, you should get Welcome, axhill! and below would be your purchased guides. At this point, click on the Reinstall button, this will overwrite your existing guides and download/install a fresh copy of your guides including the recent purchase.
    In-game you should see the Shadowlands guides under Leveling.

    If this is not the case, you are welcome to post back and we can help troubleshoot.