Generally the mods to avoid using would be those that control the Objective Tracker frames. There are some User Interface addons as well that conflict with Dugi Guides. ElvUI and many other custom variants using ElvUI as a core seem to be working well with Dugi Guides, however, I have found that after moving the objective tracker from it’s default location, using the “Move Objective Tracker” and “Lock Objective Tracker” within Settings for Dugi Guides, problems start unfolding later on, though those settings have been tweaked a lot in the past. I try to avoid moving the Objective Tracker if I can help it.
    TukUI, well I have always noticed conflicts with it without manual edits to rectify the issue, even with manual edits it’s not perfect and lua errors still show their ugly faces.
    MoveAnything does cause incompatibility issues as
    well, however, if you uncheck all “Objective Tracker” (they all need to be
    ) Log out character, Log back in, it should be good to go.
    There is a bigger list than the ones above, I just can’t remember all of them. It’s just a roll of the dice when customizing the UI.
    Usually if one addon doesn’t work well like the World Quest Tracker, it usually conflicts with Dugi Waypoint Arrow, there are settings to disable that feature, but it doesn’t completely disable the World Quest Tracker arrow system.
    I hope that helps in some way :)