Looks like you have too many instances running.
    Go into Task Manager and end task all instances of DugiGuides_1.5.2.exe and DugiGuides_1.5.3.exe
    Delete all the Installers you have currently.
    Open a Power Shell by using Win Key + S then type Power Shell then click on the Windows Power Shell.
    Type in the following.
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://www.download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.5.3.exe" -OutFile "C:DugiGuides_1.5.3.exe"

    Once you hit enter you should see a light blue box appear top of the window, allow it to fully complete and then close the window and browse to the location it downloaded to, according to the script above it downloaded to the root of the C: drive. Move DugiGuides_1.5.3.exe to the desktop, shortcut not necessary.

    Try running the file again, try not to over double click the file.