I tried various things with the latest release 3.017. Tried with only three addons active:
    – ndUI
    – ndUI Plus
    – DugiGuides
    Still I’m seeing a considerable drop in frame rate when loading Dugiguides. On top I tried disabling various options in Dugi but didn’t find any having any effect.
    However the hickups are much better. However one thing to note is that in my original post I was using ElvUI (+Merathilis and Eltrium) and now I’m using ndUI. So I can’t really say if it’s due to some changes in Dugi which happend in the meantime or if it’s due to Dugi not working well along with ElvUI.
    The only odd thing i noticed with ndUI is that I had to disable the world map features of ndUI. They do not work along with the Dugi features for the world map. No big deal as both offer basically the same functionality (smaller map, coords, fog).
    Regarding the quest bubbles: I didn’t notice any change in FPS disabling this feature as well. Maybe interessting to note: I’m using CodexLite and it draws a lot of things on the map and I’m not seeing any FPS drop there.
    Hope this helps. At the moment in combination with ndUI Dugi is usable for me.
    Oh one last thing: The Dugi button doesn’t work well with ndUI. It cannot be dragged proprerly as it is positionend quite a lot left to the mouse pointer when dragging. No big deal just annoying.