mysti35 said:

    I have around 25 addons I use

    Can you please list them for me?

    mysti35 said:

    the fact remains that IF I also use Dugi, my game will freeze up and if I uninstall DUGI, the game is almost flawless.  Just now, I went into Wintergrasp and for the third time in a row, about 2-4 mins in, everything in the BG freezes up.  I see no progress on the screen at all, and I can run all over the map and not be able to do anything.  Uninstall DUGI and it all works fine.

    This alone tells me that you didn’t follow what I have said and persisted to use all 25 addons, despite the fact I did request for you try with just Dugi Guides enabled. We only provide support for Dugi Guides, however, I believe it’s an interference with other addon. Please try with just Dugi Guides enabled.

    mysti35 said:

    I have stated many times I would not play WOW without this addon and I will remain faithful to that comment.  Alas, I have stopped playing WoW.  I will check back to see if you guys have found a solution, but for now, the game is unplayable with Dugi.

    I am very sad that this is happening.  I am not sure what I am going to do in my sudden found free time.

    Okay that’s fine with me, you’re not really phased about your issue given that there really is one. You’re eminent that it’s Dugi Guides addon. Just one thing, can you provide something called evidence? I can’t replicate this myself, as I have demonstrated to you, I need your help and your co operation to resolve this. If this is the sort of behavior from now on then this thread will be closed. This is not going to push an update