To also eliminate hardware, is the game on an SSD or HDD?

    Check performance by opening Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC)
    Click Performance then click Resource Monitor (click … top right then click Resource Monitor If you have 22h2 win 11)
    click CPU, leave computer on idle for a least 5 mins and note the low % and highest % it’s normal for it to go up and down (as long as it’s up and down every 45 – 60 seconds or longer is also great). If it’s between 2% – 12% then congrats, if its hectic every 5 – 20 seconds and it’s up and down and beyond 12% then there’s services and programs interfering. You will need to look at what is running and ask it is really needed? especially when gaming.

    I have experimented with loads of Windows 10 and Windows 11 slimmed iso’s and made my own. Making your own slimmed or custom .iso is a very complicated process and I would not recommend to do that if you aren’t educated enough in that side, it’s not an easy thing to pick up by reading a redit post or something, however, downloading iso files either slimmed by someone or not is very risky, this is at least 98% chance to get malware or hidden files that can allow someone gain access to your system without you knowing. This can be experimented with under controlled environment such as virtual machine etc. I am using Ghost Spectre right now, it’s very snappy and smooth.

    I am not really sure what else I can suggest you can do, usually at this point I’d offer remote connect session and see if I can make sense of what’s going on.

    mysti35 said:

    I can see how frustrated you are Ozzi (and I don’t blame you at all)

    I am somewhat frustrated that I am ignored to a point that all my requests for things to help me investigate, addons you are using, screenshots or video footage have all been ignored.

    To be fair, I am concerned that this is impacting your game play and your time, this is not what we like to see or hear that at some degree that Dugi Guides is believed to be the root cause. I am 100% committed to finding the cause whether it be Dugi Guides addon or other addon’s in combination of or hardware.
    That’s where I can help as well, if you can list your addons, I can clean my install and install all the addons you are using, and I can then test with them to try to at least replicate and hopefully find a cause then possibly a fix.

    mysti35 said:

    (Just an add — when I locked up in WG, I logged out and as fast as I could, I logged back in with all addons except DUGI, and did not get a lockup) *shrug*

    I suppose I could reinstall WoW!

    Have you tried to reinstall WoW? perhaps try with a SSD (SATA or M.2, M.2 would be recommended), if issues still persist then try a repair first, then if it still persists, then I would reinstall the game, sing out if you need assistance with this.