Dugi said:

shjordan said:

Bfa Alliance 10-50 need rework dugi… WAR CAMPAIGN is NOT atainable until lvl 45 and there is no need to direct players only to chromie as one can level 2 zones in bfa and get to 50… as desmefisto stated.

Chromie leveling is encouraged on the last 2 available: Draenor and Legion, as both have bonus XP camps as well as bonus treasures all over the map with rewards XP on every one picked.

BFA 10-50 is possible for new characters starting for Exile Reach and not available for other characters that chose regular starting zone. 

I have done 3 new character from Exile’s Reach and it will lead you to BfA however the actual war campaign doesn’t open up till level 35 or 45. You can start questing in the zones……but it seems the war campaign is locked for some odd reason.
Maybe it bugged out when they launched or changed something from beta.