Figured it out. Quest name is “Curious Corruption.” Currently listed as “Elements of Corruption” in 8.819
You get the quest when you get your first corrupted item. You speak to Wrathion and ask, “Can you tell me anything about this corrupted item?” He tells you to talk to ****** so it’s a two part quest completion.
Speak to ******, “Tell me about the Titanic Purification process.”
Then, “Activate the Titanic Purification system.”
Quest complete. Turn in by speaking to ****** again.

nevillem said:

***** Empire Campaign (120)
#56 Elements of Corruption
This quest does not come from Wrathion. My chat log shows:
“Quest accepted: It’s Never Easy”
“Curious Corruption completed”
I’m not sure how that quest started, but talking to ****** completed it.