Dugi said:

    Having the same FPS trouble here along with a friend of mine that also uses the guide.

    Need more information to help, can you test with only dugi enabled and describe exact steps to replicate the issue or video will help a lot. 

    Here is a quick video with only Dugi addon enabled. https://streamable.com/zczwl9  Notice my FPS jumps in half when looting a quest item. It seems that when the item hit my bag the guide updates and causes a subtle chop in fps. This going from 200 fps to 100 may not seem bad but its the sudden chop that causes issues.  When in zones that you have to kill X number of enemies for quest objectives the add on is unusable. If you kill 2-3 mobs at once the fps drop is huge and appears to lag the game for 1-2 seconds at times. As a new customer of Dugi, i’m happy to see the 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If this is not a fixable thing i will be opting for the refund. Thanks in advance.