@anointedone82 Unless you’re doing Dungeons/Grinding then you really need to do “all” quests in every single zone. The guide is divided into zone guides that fits your appropriate level. You can change zone guides at any point and the guide will sync. It’s basically designed around World of Warcrafts “illusion of choice”, since levels decide whether a zone is at the appropriate level.
    Example: I do both Darkshore/Westfall to push my character ahead to make quests green ( https://www.dugiguides.com/discussions/#/discussion/447/leveling-tip-to-grind-or-not-to-grind-thats-the-question-classic ) so that’s my choice. You don’t have to though. The choice is there, as much as the game allows. It allows me to skip the ****** quests in the end of the Darkshore guide and still be ahead.
    Sometimes you’re asked to go to another zone to pick up quests/turn in to make sure you can complete the quest chains and push you to the correct level for your character. While you travel it will ask you to do quests on the way, pick up flight points etc. so no time is wasted. Plus it takes advantage of clever terrain shortcuts.
    “Has you jumping all over the world”: In a sense it does because that’s how the layout of the quest levels is designed. A zone can span over several levels. Example: Redridge starts in the early 20’s and end in the late 29’s. It’s not possible to gain 9 levels in that zone alone. You enter Darkshore at around 12-13 and it still has quests in the 20+ in the end. Many zones are designed like that. Darkshore is essentially two zones in one etc.
    Westfall/Redridge, Duskwood/Stormwind. Some jumping there but you get a huuuge XP bump, especially in Duskwood. It’s crazy amounts of XP in a very short time, it would be completely madness to skip it.
    Does it happen a lot? Nah. Most of the breadcrumb quests are picked up while you travel, example in Ironforge. You’re only asked to pick them up while you’re there anyways.
    It has profession leveling guides too.