Leatrix Map: I should have written “more compatible”.
    Anything on the map is working. Coordinates are working, too. But the questtracker button on the right is missing, so side-panel access is not possible. Using Leatrix’ option to show the “normal map” does not make DG’s minimize button appear, so there is no easy switch other than disabling Leatrix completely.
    Elvui: The “minimize” button also is not present when Elvui is used, even when all map features are disabled in Elvui. As a result the objectives side-panel is not accessible, because the map stays in full-screen mode. Even when Elvui’s small map option is used the objective tracker button keeps missing.
    I think the is the same problem as with Leatrix. DG thinks that the map is still in full-screen, aka “not minimized” and thus the objectives button remains disabled.