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    This is not my experience with the guide. It’s very linear and makes sure you get the correct quests in the correct order so it’s possible to continue the story lines in the next zone and it suggests the quests that are safe to skip etc.

    Regarding testers:
    Personally I’ve got 30+ pages of reports for the Alliance guide alone from leveling several characters to 60. Currently working on my 4th. The response on the forum after my runs was “Alliance guide feels very smooth and detailed now”. Also did a Horde run and now it’s very rare that someone reports anything. Done most starter zones too.

    They weren’t even 30 pages of errors. Most of it was just me being OCD about it. Dugi loves that. More work! Tiny adjustments to the arrow when it were pointing at NPC’s or an extra travel dot or a secret passage to get from point a-b quicker etc. (you can thank me for that Horde).  Adding better details about what to do in a quest etc. A few had the NPC names switched around or a simple typo.

    Fact is, the guides are very smooth now and absolutely on par with the retail guide, if not better, since the quests aren’t changing (except for added phase quests).
    If there’s something to report then it’s easy. Right click the DG icon and go to Current Guide. Note the step # and the quest name followed by a short error description. Doesn’t have to be a 100 line report or a personal diary about how it ruined your life spending 5 minutes to figure it out. Open a ticket and copy paste your notes. You can upload a picture too.

    Zone name (1-10)

    Step 1 !Do my awesome quest
    - questgiver asked me to do stuff

    Step 3 ?Do my awesome quest
    - didn't turn 60 after one quest
    - also didn't get free epic

    You don’t have to though :)

    Edit: Not claiming the guides is 100% error free, but I’d like to see examples and be proven wrong. If there’s an oversight anywhere it’s important that it gets fixed so we all get the best leveling experience possible. I do claim that Dugi Guides is the best guide both in design, features and leveling experience. And bugs gets fixed fast: https://www.dugiguides.com/discussions/#/categories/updates