dollhobbs said:

    I do not have any of the quests it say’s to abandon.

    What guide were you using before Valsharah?
    What class and race is your character?
    What level is your character?

    dollhobbs said:

    Next step says to accept tranquil forest from the eye of Odyn. That quest is not being shown. Do I just skip it?

    If that quest is not shown there might be a prerequisite to meet, I would need more info to correct this for the future, if you can answer the questions, I could then investigate further.
    By rights, the Abandon Quest step/s should be ticked if you don’t meet that criteria.

    It turns out, I did a bit of digging around and found that you can’t do Val’sharah questline or any other questlines like Azsuna, Stormheim if you haven’t completed the Broken Shore intro, this also explains why the Abandon Quest step/s weren’t auto ticked.

    I suggest to head back to Stormwind (if Alliance)/Orgrimmar (if Horde) and then run the Broken Shore intro, it should be done in 45 mins or so, depending how many other players join your scenario instance. Most of the time consuming parts is the Role Play. I understand why most of you skip this segment, however, Blizzard is sadistic and made it a requirement to complete this scenario first.