Dugi said:

    Alright. so here’s just a small example of how the guide’s acting up, unless i understand something incorrectly, this is what happens:

    Thank you for the video can you test again without any addon loaded. I noticed that other addon like ClassicCodex also have auto quest feature than interrupt the quest handling even when the option is disabled. 

    90% of the time, no lie

    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, you’re saying every 9 out of 10 steps in the guide are wrong? I really don’t think this is the case. 

    Blanket claim that the 90% of guide is wrong just doesn’t help. we need to specific example, we are going over the guides everyday, it’s very easy to miss something to make it perfect. For example we leveled 2 characters to 60 and we’re still discovering lots of minor things wrong with the guide when leveling again.

    uhm, i should have stick to facts without any numbers thrown. 
    I do apologize. i am not trying to make this thing look anything other than it is.

    i’ll record an example (perhaps i’ll re-trace my steps on  the STV guide) where i was going up to return a quest at Booty Bay’s Goblin room, above the Inn – and then it will send me outside to return/take another quest, then sends me back to the same goblin i was a few seconds ago, to return another quest (which, i could already return when i was there 10 seconds ago).

    the example i just gave you may not have happen 90% of the time, but it happens more often than not.