First off I want to say am impressed with you responding. Yes I have been completing the guides to 100% percent completion. Just seems that at the place in the guide I am at, I am a couple levels lower then I need to be. I also thought that if your logging out in a inn and not playing but maybe a few hours every day you may be getting major gains from the resting bonus that I am not getting for the most part. I read where “wellnice” is having the same basic problem. Where his level is just a couple levels too low to solo easily. While I am sure many like the idea of hard core leveling for max xp, I am also of the mind that just as many want a bit easier time of it. It is always easy to skip content that is offered if not wanted. I am more of the type who just wants to have fun with the content not the rush to level 60 type. A few more quests between level 0 to 34 when you get to strangleton valley to get the player to 34 and match content would be helpful. That is basically what I am doing now, then will give the guide another go and see how that works. I am better geared then most at my level for some one who is not dungeon leveling. I do after all have leather working to 175 and have the perks to go with it. My thought is that we need more quest and xp progression in the 24 to 34 level. That is where I noticed the major slow down by running into quest quite a bit above me. Just my take on it of course, so mileage will vary. :)