l1ttl3b33 said:

wellnice said:

Besides TitanPanel and DamageMeter i’m not running any other addons and Dugi Guides runs perfectly fine! 

If there would be a general problem with Dugi Guides, i’d say me and a lot more people would have these issues too right?

So i guess it is your other tons of addons causing issues!

Then why when I disable the Dugi FPS go back to normal? Probably there is a conflict with another addon, yes, but the Dugi’s is part of the problem obviously. 

It is a mix of probably several different addons and you blame dugi lol.
Have you analyzed it in detail, that not another addon causes some issues?

How about investing some time on your own. Just install dugi and then one after another add your addons back until you have the addon that causes the issue.