gold said:

    casscade said:

    Dugi, do we have a speculative price on the guide at release? I can see it’s been asked by someone else above, but hasn’t been answered. 

    Also I’m aware how long it will take to get to level 40 anyway (not something usually done in a day), but how long after release are you expecting to get the guide update to level 60 and not the level 40 it’s going to be released with?


    Just over a week away, can we get the price announcement now? seems like you’re leaving it a bit late while the rest of us are wanting to plan around it?

    Dugi said that the guide was initially being released up to level 40, I know classic is being released in a week, but I’m wanting to know how long after release he thinks it will take the guide to be updated to level 60. 

    Planning is a big thing, you’re right, so the sooner we’d be able to know, the better really.