If your purchase is shown as active in the members area on the left hand side but you’re missing the paid guides. 
    Make sure you enter your username and password in the installer.

    1. Download latest installer version
      Windows: https://download.ultimatewowguide.com/DugiGuides_1.4.3.exe
      Mac: https://download.dugiguides.com/DugiGuides_1.2.8.zip
    2. Load the Dugi installer
    3. Click on the settings and enter your DugiGuides Username and Password it should say “Welcome, dnltso”
    4. Check install path is correct, try clicking the Auto Detect Path button to fix it
      Win. <your path>World of Wacraft_retail_
      Mac. /Applications/World of Wacraft/_retail_/
    5. Check launcher path is correct
    6. Click Reinstall (after a new purchase)