I use “World Quest Tracker” together with Dugi Guides (DG).

    When you open the map, it sorts the WQ’s in either Zones or Summary (use toggle in bottom right corner of the map).

    Then you just left click the ones you want to do and they’re sent to a custom tracker sorted in closest available WQ’s. From there you just click the first one in the top in the tracker and DG will calculate a route and most of the time it’ll jump to the next one when done, if possible, if not just click the next one.

    To remove one, just right click it in the tracker.

    You can define the “!Taxi system” in settings for DG. I’ve got them all ticked, I don’t mind.

    My frames (!Display) in DG is set to “Multi-step – Anchored”. The WQ’s, when reached, becomes a part of DG tracker frames. Perfect synergy between easy WQ sorting and the customization and tracking of DG.