Dugi Guides has been in business for over 4 years and not 1 customer has ever had their account banned for using our products.

A new AddOn policy was introduced by Blizzard back in May 2009 to prevent addons such as (Questhelper and Carbonite) in particular from advertising and selling a premium version addon directly inside World of Warcraft.

Dugi Guides follows all of Blizzard AddOns policy by

  1. Providing the fully functional Dugi Guides addon and all updates the addon itself free of charge.
  2. No advertising exist with our addons.

The paid guides that we sell is in an eBook digital format and it is not premium version of our AddOn.

DugiGuides_.exe is our simple installer program designed for easy installation and update of our guides. It is written in C## and we guarantee that it contains no malicious virus or spyware of any kind. You can confirm the file is safe before you download by submiting the download url to VirusTotal which will check the file with over 30 AV Engine.

Our installer works by downloading a ZIP file tailored to your account from our server and extract it into your World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\  folder.

And our ZIP file will only contain various Text (LUA, XML, TOC) and Image (TGA, BLP) files that follows the World of Warcraft standard.

Simply put it is not possible for you to compromise your account by using anything from dugiguides.com and we guarantee it.


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