If the installer you downloaded will not launch when you double click on it, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you add an exception with your Anti Virus/Spyware Software (if any) to allow the program to run. DugiGuides.exe installer is guaranteed to be Virus and Spyware free,  click here to view the Virus Total test result for https://www.dugiguides.com/dgmembers/
  2. If that still doesn’t work try disabling your AVS software completely.
  3. Once the uninstall is complete, simply double click the installer and it should ask you to install Java.
  4. Make sure any previous version (if any) of the installer are deleted.
  5. Make sure you have Administrator access for Windows and allow the installer to run in Admin Mode.
  6. If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, contact Technical Support at : https://www.dugiguides.com/support/

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