Addon & Guide Usage Questions

Lost Dugi Guides small frame and/or waypoint arrow

  1. Enter the game and press enter to open the chat bar
  2. Type ‘/dugi reset’ to reset the position of all frames

Dugi Guides appears in the addon menu and ticked but it doesn’t work

  1. Make sure you have the latest version installed, check the download page
  2. Enter the In your chat window, try typing ‘/dugi reset’
  3. If that still doesn’t work

    try ‘/dugi fix’

    followed by ‘/reload’

  4. Try disabling all your addons and play with only DugiGuidesViewer and to see if the problem persists, then enable your addons one at a time to find the conflict.

Dugi Guides doesn’t remember my progress after exiting the game

This can happen if your game crashed or don’t exit the game properly by clicking logout or exit game.

Proper log out or game exit is essential for a WoW addon to save any changed settings.

Don’t close your game by clicking the Window close button or pressing ALT-F4 and Dugi Guides should save your progress.

If that didn’t resolve your issue, please note the guide and step name that gets unticked and submit a ticket and report.