Hi everyone, today we released a brand new feature that will greatly improve the old fashion waypoint arrow system which is usually a combination of animated 3D arrow and a waypoint dot on the map.

We wanted to improve the old system by making it work and feel like google map style navigation and what we came up with is the new Dugi Zone Map.

With the latest update, you can enable this feature by simply going to the settings menu and tick the Enable Zone Map option.

You should immediately notice the 3D arrow is now replaced with a small map and you will be able to use that to help you navigate to the waypoint.

The Zone Map will automatically zoom in / out so you can always see how far the next available waypoint.

By default, the Zone Map is a combined with the 3D arrow which will appear your character is at about 35yd range to provide greater accuracy at close range while you will get the advantage being able to see the map surrounding while traveling to your destination.

Check out the 2 mins video presentation below for a quick demo on how it works

The feature is still a work in progress, we would really appreciate any feedback at all (positive or negative) and we’ll do our best to improve it.



    17 replies to "Dugi Zone Map Feature"

    • Jacqueline Cobble

      Since the last update my zone map will not should and my quest tracking is really messed up. I reinstalled this twice. I loved it how it was

      • Dugi

        It should be working, try typing /dugi fix
        and test it with only Dugi enabled

    • fearek
    • Kamy

      Hi m8, i hope you update to BFA, it will be great.

    • Ersel Peterson

      Hi Dugi, I like the Zone Map. There are a few things that could be better. If you could make the map also show each WQ on mouse over and also treasures and Rare Bosses. This will save some time so you don’t have to open the Big Map to see items and Wq’s. You could also show current TomTom coordinates and current location. The Zone Map is a great help.

    • doghunter

      Excellent feature,as others have also said with the continuous updates this is definitely a bonus to the best set of guides available for wow to date,keep up the good work dugi,keep the guides coming first class,will be a member for many more years to come.Im the 11th positive comment as well.

    • bathroombuddha

      great feature, thank you for the continuous updates

    • snobahr

      I can see why people want this… I’m the other side of the statistics – I came here to see how to turn it off 😀 At the time I wrote this, there are 9 comments supporting this change, so you can honestly say, “9 out of 10 users love it!” I’m that 10th user… Still love the whole guide system, and thank you for continuing to add to it, improve it, update it, etc!

    • awatahurm

      Awesome addition!
      I love it.

    • freddy frog

      looks good time will tell I think

    • Roxanne Russell

      Wonderful! Carbonite used to be my go to but it’s been iffy since the original developer quit WoW. Thanks so much.

    • Elkun

      Thank you. I’ve been trying to get carbonite maps and Dugi guides to work together off and on for years.

    • Meg

      Could not download this–will try another method.

    • Faithbegone

      I like the new zone map! Thanks for all you do!!

    • tzunami

      This is nice!

    • Mini

      Great new feature Dugi! Keep up the great work along with the team that helps Dugi with the guides! I just love it when new features come out lol. Anyways thx for still working on this guide it’s AMAZING, to say the least! Will yall have the Argus content up soon? the elites, the quest line, and other argus related things rofl. Thx for your time! 😀

      • Dugi

        The argus content is available already, the quest guide is available in the Daily Guides section

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