Hi everyone, I’m sorry that it has been some time since we’ve been in touch, this is because we are working around the clock on the new Legion expansion updates and I’m happy to report that we are on track with the updates and we will complete them in time for the release of the expansion on August 30th. We will announce more information about what the new updates will cover soon.


Today we have a major update for the Dugi Addon to make it compatible with the latest 7.0.3 patch.  You won’t notice much changes to the Dugi addon itself as most of the updates are for the new legion Zones.

You can update your Dugi Guides to with our installer (available in our download page below)

If you haven’t been playing WoW for a while and no clue about the new patch then I highly recommend you watch this quick 3 minutes patch survival guide by Blizzard here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2kEN18ApF8  

The patch has arrived a bit earlier than expected and a lot of updates was required for the Gear Advisor and the Gear Finder. Unfortunately, we haven’t completed the update for the Gear Finder and it will be temporarily disabled until we finish the update in a few days from now.

Enjoy the new patch!

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    • Reid


      The target macro is causing the client to think it’s a script saying you can get banned for it, what’s up with that?

      • Dugi

        Hi this is a standard warning introduced in Legion patch as a percaution. But it is safe to use the target macro.

    • Kelevra

      Hey Dugi,

      I am subscribing to your guide today. One thing that I’d find super useful and that I don’t think it is included is to level from 96/97 to 100 using the potion of rapid mind. In WoWhead there is a guide to maximize the use of this potion (super expensive, so you need to now what you are doing). Here is the link: http://www.wowhead.com/item=128312/elixir-of-the-rapid-mind#comments

      Maybe you will find it useful.

    • shadows1ayer

      Will you have the legion xpac leveling guide up by Legion release on Aug 30?

      • Dugi

        yes we will

    • Bree

      How do I move the guide to a different location on the monitor?

      • Dugi

        hi go to Dugi Settings > Frames and tick “Move Objective Tracker”

    • fxmldr

      Will demon hunter starting guide be ready for release on Tuesday.

      • Dugi

        yes, see the latest blog post

    • Omicron

      Hi. I’m platying Burning Crusade. i just installed Dugi guide and can see the gold icon in-game but no guide, cannot left click, right click, or even move the icon. Is this guide compatible with Burning Crusade?

      • Dugi

        it compatible with Burning Crusade but it will only work on Blizzard’s servers, in case you referring to private server.

    • Beerdrinker

      Hi, I am on the latest 8.013 and the Gear finder started to suggest to replace my heirlooms with grey stuff.

      • Dugi

        try latest update

    • Deathspawnxx

      I have been updating the viewer regularly and I was just wondering when the guides will be available or did I do something wrong with the install of the new patch?

      • Dugi

        hi, new guides will be available when the Legion expansion is release.

        • Omicron

          Hi. I’m playing Burning Crusade. i just installed Dugi guide and can see the gold icon in-game but no guide, cannot left click, right click, or even move the icon. Is this guide compatible with Burning Crusade?

    • nekrom99

      I just want to say I love Dugi Guides. Thanks for all the hard work. I am impressed that you had the update so quickly. I have been playing WoW from the beginning and have been through a lot of addons. This is the most helpful and one of the easiest to use. My 4th and 5th grade Grandsons can use your guide. Don’t mind a few glitches here and there. Carry on with the good work.

    • Brandiwine

      Since the update my quest guide has a flashing bar of gold light across the top and the arrow to minimize the guide is flickering and non functional. I have reloaded the UI numerous times. The only way I can get it to stop is to uncheck “anchored small frame” under settings but then my minimize arrow is totally gone. Any ideas?

      • Dugi

        Are you using the latest update? it may be a conflict with another addon, try disabling all your other addons and test again

    • cayleighsi

      I am having an issue with the last update. Apparently there is a conflict between nUI and Dugi. I can’t quite figure out where the conflict is. If I load both nUI and Dugi, it freezes the game within 10 seconds after I get into the game. Any assistance with this would be great. Thanks, guys!

      • Dugi

        we’re working on this issue now

    • moppetsragmop

      dugi guides will not load up any of the journals. I have reinstalled it and did the up dates as needed but with the new patch there is nothing there in the current guides. and when you visit the questing tab you do not find the draenor link for the guides either.

    • Max

      i’m getting a ***** map when using the new version of dugi

    • Brick Mayer

      Hello, since the new patch came on Tuesday my dugi guide has been empty, I can pull it but it is blank, I cant see or load any guide. Was hoping you could help me on what to do.

    • FatherFlex

      Hey Dugi, Thanks for the quick update. Questions though. the gear score no longer tells me what is best in slot for my off specs when I move my cursor over them unless I actually switch specs. Makes it hard to sell junk gear when I have to spend so much time going through my bags and switching specs to make sure I don’t accidentally sell something that is useful for another spec.

    • Richard Bentley

      Hey Dugi what Happen to the Gear Finder Feature for the Guide i updated to 8.00 yet nolonger have it

      • Dugi

        We’re still updating the Gear Finder it has been removed temporarily, it will be back soon

    • Wingfoot

      Hey I just wanted to comment, I’ve been a customer/member since the beginning when Dugi started and am so happy to see that it’s all going so good for y’all. On behalf of myself, id like to extend a big thank you for your great products and active education and aid in navigating this enormous word, Azuroth.
      Please know anyone who is on the fence about becoming a member that these guides are the easiest and most user friendly tools I’ve used in the game for leveling and progress in professions achievements and efficient travel. I highly recommend them to anyone who plays the game. Thanks again Dugi and your team of game gurus.

      Sincerely K. Bigler
      San Diego Ca.

    • Art

      I installed for the Legion patch, but the guide doesn’t load for me in Draenor with my Level 91 Druid. Not sure if that’s because I’m on trial or what though.

      • Dugi

        hi are you playing the on EU server? it won’t work until tomorrow

        • art

          No. Good old US servers here :).

          • Dugi

            are you still having trouble? the current build should be working

    • bogyvaly

      I updated the guide and after that I saw your info regarding EU servers. Therefore I used your “Download link” and get DugiGuidesPack_7.534.zip. I manually overwrite the guide but is empty 🙁
      So, I have to wait for tomorrow update?

      • Dugi

        Sorry I wasn’t clear in the post,

        1. Install the guides with the installer as normal.
        2. Overwrite the addon files with the manual download zip file

    • JackSparrow

      If I don’t plan you upgrade to Blizzards new expansion legion should I not install the dugi update?

      • Dugi

        You will still need to update because all Blizzard servers will switch to 7.0.3 by tomorrow

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