Our built in waypoint arrow is finaly ready! check out the video below for a complete demonstration on how to use our new waypoint arrow.

This is a free update and you can update right now by using our installer or download it from the download area below.


Make sure you update all our guides aswell as the old guides are not compatible with our new mapping system.

Also a reminder that our One Day Sale will begin tommorow! make sure you take advantage of this special one time offer of 50% discount all guides and packages.

I hope you enjoy the new update and give us your feedback down below.

– Dugi

    74 replies to "Dugi Guides v4.6 Waypoint Arrow Update"

    • robert miller

      video will not run , waypoint arrow is missing

    • Mordred

      I am running v.4.6083. I exclusively use OSX 10.6.6.

      Periodically, I loose the waypoint arrow. I haven’t been able to figure out why it goes away, and how/when it comes back.

      During the time the waypoint arrow is gone, I still have the ant trails, green waypoints and mini arrow in the round mini-map.

      Is there a reset command that I can enter to force the WP arrow back?


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