[content_box_light_green width=”90%”]UPDATE: Dugi Guides 5.2 is now available to download,  update your addon with our installer now.[/content_box_light_green]

Build 5.2010 – October 10th 2011
Dugi Guides Addon

  • Fixed bug that prevented user from activating skill in the spell book
  • Modified Model Viewer button behaviour, it should remain on if toggled.

Build 5.2004 – October 10th 2011
Dugi Guides Addon

  • Fixed Map Preview resizing bug
  • Fixed compatibility issue with SexyMap and nUI
  • Anchored Small Frame off by default – This option is not compatible with SexyMap, Carbonite, nUI

Build 5.2000 – October 9th 2011
Dugi Guides Addon

  • New Map Preview Feature – (see video tutorial) On by default.To disable set map preview duration to 0 in map preview settings.
  • Anchored Small frame mode is now on by default – (see video tutorial)
  • Includes patches for ElvUI, ShetakUI and Tukui addons to allow Anchored small frame to work properly.
  • New borders (OnePixel, ElvUI)
  • Fixed Preload button bug.
  • Due to performance issue the MiniBlob detail setting is disabled and permanently set on the lowest setting.
  • Updated Russian localization (thanks andy)

Here are a couple new feature videos showing off our new Anchored SmallFrame mode and also the Map Preview feature.

Parts of these new features was inspired by the popular addon Carbonite’s mini map and quest selection system.

However our version will also provide you with a model viewer and target button for each quest. Check out the videos below and tell me what you think.

    115 replies to "Dugi Guides 5.2 Update"

    • Baconlover


    • Treklore

      Hi, having problems here loaded 5.2015 and soon as I touch anything in game screen the game freezes and have to relog only way to play is to diable guide.

    • danceswithdogs

      I love it thank you Dugi. I have tried other guides and this is the best guide out there.

    • Pigtails

      Hi Dug, I just updated to the 5.2015 version, and I cannot merge my objective frame into the Dugi frame. I watched the video you posted, and it looks like you have to uncheck the “floating small frame” box for this to work. For whatever reason, the box is gray to me and I cannot uncheck it. Any idea as to what could be causing this or how to fix it?

    • Tsin Yuen Jeanne Ling

      waypoint arrow (Duigi) not visable when in leveling guide 21-27 Ashenvale. Settings has it checked. No other waypoint arrows checked. It doesn’t tell me what quests to pick up next either. Repair?

      • Dugi

        @Tsin Yuen Jeanne Ling, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work, please open a ticket in our support section and upload a screenshot.

    • Andrew

      Hey guys how do i move the mini map when i click on the green dot to bring it up ? its dead smack in the center of my screen and i cant see my toon or what im fighting at the time 🙂

      • Dugi


        1. Go to your game menu > interface > objectives and turn on Moveable map.
        2. Open your world map and minimize it
        3. you should be able to left click on the title bar and move it around,
        4. if you can’t move it right click on the title bar and unlock it first.

        • Andrew

          @Dugi, ok that doesnt work could there be confliction with mapster or **** map ?

          • Dugi

            @Andrew, it is compatible..
            if you’re using mapster then you should be able to move the minimized map, check your mapster setting.

    • Mike W.

      Dugi, I have updated my guides to 5.2 but now when I log into any of my toons it takes 75 seconds to load the add-ons and guides. When I turn off the Dugi guides the toons load within 10 seconds, as normal. Anything I should be doing to alleviate this issue?

      • Dugi

        @Mike W., are you using 5.2004 ? if you can open a ticket and submit screenshot of your UI that would be great.

    • Dugi

      Sorry for the delay

      Please update to 5.2004 which should fixed all the issues reported.

      • OhWhyNot

        @Dugi, part of my problem is fixed in that I am able to move the quest log around but the map is still having problems, works fine for some of the map and then others like stormwind it is all the way to the top of the screen.

        Thank you for working on the issue

        • Dugi

          @OhWhyNot, can you submit a screenshot in the forum or ticket support so I can see what you mean. There is probabaly another conflict with another addon that you use.

          if you don’t like the map preview you can disable it by setting the duration to 0.

      • Linda

        @Dugi, I did upgrade to 5.2004, but it did not change or fix the problem. I still can’t access the instruction/description in the box on the screen. Further, I needed to change a glyph for a Firelands raid as I had to do the traps in Rag and needed slow fall glyphed, but was unable to do so and it appeared to be a problem with the guide. When I disabled the guide, the glyph change worked just fine. I don’t mind disabling the guide for my 85s, but my low level alts still use it a lot. Any other suggestions? I hate having to go to the list of quests just to read what I need to do.

        • Dugi

          @Linda, update to 5.2010 to fix the glyph error.

    • Linda

      Dugi, I downloaded the new patch and now I can’t access the quest description/instructions. It flickers as I mouse over the quest, but not enough for me to read. I really like that feature. Am I doing something wrong?

    • AfoUare

      Dugi and Team, Wow y’all just keep getting this better and better. If I ever play a different Online game how will I ever do it with out a Dugi Guide. I am so impressed! Keep it coming.

    • Lac

      The Objectives panel won’t show on nUI…. I really don’t want to change my entire game. Is there something you can fo about this…

    • Adam H

      I installed the new 5.2 version this morning as well as the 1.0.6 updater. I cannot use the guide anymore. It freezes the game every time and not sure what to do. I reinstalled the guides, but that doesn’t seem to work. Please email me when you know what the problem might be.
      Thank you,

    • OhWhyNot

      I hate this new update and want to roll back to the other version. The map does not move and is not sizeable. When I set the default to zero I don’t like that look either size it is the quest map and should be the city map only.

      I also liked being able to move my quest around and not able to do that now. How can it get the prior version. Instead of adding more and more features why don’t you fix some of the features that I use all the time like having the exploration setup by regions instead of having to X all the area to get to the ones you want, or updting the locations of quest, or fixing the tabard loction etc

      I am very unhappy right now and until this get fix I am disabling it 🙁

      • Strongy

        i totally preffered my map as it was not to mention my questlog now overlaps the mini map i liked it where it was i backed up my dugiguides folder before i installed this update so ive reverted to the previous version until i can have my map back to normal and my questlog stay where it is.

        • OhWhyNot

          @Strongy, thank you for the tip. I will use it in the future.

      • Dugi

        @OhWhyNot, you should be able to use the search and sticky frame feature to filter the exploration guide by region…

    • Udowanano

      AWESOME GUYS !!!!

    • Goldmoon


      I have a problem with hearing is it possible to get written instruction for your videos guide as well.
      Have to reply often to understand instructions

      Update looks great


    • James

      Just for information!
      Nice Update but the Addon “**** Map” got a problem with Dugi Guides 5.2. always the screen get frozen when I try to turn Dugi Guides Off… When I deactivate **** Map everything is fine! Keep Up the good work!

      • Rob

        @James, there was a patch note months ago that dugi guied does not work with that addon unless u disable the mini map features. hope this helps

    • Andrew

      hey dugi every time there is an update my auto update doesnt seem to work for some reason though it says its updated. It will only work properly if i do manual updates do you know why ?? your response team keep telling me the same thing and it never works

      • Dugi

        @Andrew, its best if you contact ticket support again until it is resolved. Make sure you follow the instruction very carefully and it will work. Please be as detailed as possible with what you have done so far and a screenshot would really help.

      • Michael

        @Andrew, Andrew, I had the same problem when I upgraded to version 5.0. Turns out that it lost where I had set the install path and launcher path. Go back into your setup on the updater and reset those values accordingly. After I did that everything was fine.

    • Jonathan

      I can’t live without Carbonite’s “go to” feature, so I can easily find trainers, vendors, etc. If Dugi just had that built in, I wouldn’t even both installing Carbonite anymore.

    • Jack Madsen

      This is a great addition. One thing i loved about Carbonite is you can right click on the make and have the opiont to either set the point as the “go to” for you Dugi Arrow or remove the currently set “go to”. That would be awesome if that kind of function could be added.

      • Dugi

        @Jack Madsen, we do have that option, I just haven’t documented it yet but it was mentioned in our patch note.

        Hold CTRL and Right Click on world map to start new waypoint and you can also link them together by holding SHIFT and Right Click on world map.

        I will release a new video tutorial to cover this feature soon.

    • Kirin

      Dugi, I love what you and your team are doing here. Your guides have been a huge help to me. I admit it, I have tried the other one, but I always come back to your guides. Excellent work and I cannot wait to try this out. I am a proud altoholic and your guides have made playing a lot more fun. Thanks.

      • Justinrage

        hey dugi with the first vido how u put the model frame up with my 5.2 guide it dosent work for me when i click on an object(yellow circle) the boarder frame dose not switch it just closes..

        • Dugi

          @Justinrage, not every step or objective will contain model information, if it doesn’t have any model it will close.

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