Welcome to our resource module where we will suggest some optional content of different kind.

We decided to set this section apart from the other modules focusing on concepts and techniques to be mastered to prevent overloading them.

You can now browse through the page below and whenever you find an interesting resource, it’s here for you to grab.

[content_box_light_green width=”95%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#2579DA”]Training Digest[/headline_arial_small_left]Here is a pdf file reviewing the core of our video presentations. Click on the link below to get to it (it requires Acrobat Reader).
You can print it and use it as a reminder or to jot down some special notes. [membership_download_item_pdf link=”http://guide-dugi.com/guides/9BYVHVZ/secrets_richesse_dugi.pdf” + target=”_blank”]Dugi Gold Academy Digest[/membership_download_item_pdf][/content_box_light_green]

[content_box_light_green width=”95%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#2579DA”]Optional Addons[/headline_arial_small_left]Adibags
This addon enables you to manage your bags differently. Its main interest lies in gathering and sorting items by type.
Far from being essential, this addon is nonetheless very useful for jewelcrafting to automatically sort gems.[membership_download_item_zip link=”http://guide-dugi.com/guides/9BYVHVZ/adiBags.zip” + target=”_self”]Download Adibags[/membership_download_item_zip]

Here is something you can use to very simply monitor all the sales you are making all over your account.
You can sort them by item or by price so you can see, for example, what you are selling best.
[membership_download_item_zip link=”http://guide-dugi.com/guides/9BYVHVZ/mysales.zip” + target=”_self”]Download MySales[/membership_download_item_zip]

[content_box_light_green width=”95%”][headline_arial_small_left color=”#2579DA”]Item list for Auctionator[/headline_arial_small_left]Here is a text file to copy and paste in Auctionator to automatically get, within a few clicks, several theme lists of important items to watch closely (minerals, gems, inks, herbs, etc…).

[membership_download_item_txt link=”http://guide-dugi.com/guides/9BYVHVZ/listes_auctionator.txt” + target=”_blank”]Item list for Auctionator[/membership_download_item_txt]

To import a list in Auctionator :
1- Click on “Manage Shopping Lists”

cliquez sur manage shopping lists

2- Click on “Shopping Lists” then on the “Import” button

Cliquez sur Shopping Lists puis sur le bouton Import

3- Copy (CTRL+C) the text we are suggesting above then paste it (CTRL+V) in this area. Last, click on “Import”.

Collez le texte dans la zone