Difficulty level: easy

To end this module, here is a last technique, a short one, more as a warning than something to put in practice.

Here again, you don’t have to use it in order to get rich but simply being aware it exists can already prevent you from being tricked.

This trick is the “false good deal” that you created from scratch.

It is applied to expensive items.

You should stay away from it for items with high purchase/resale volumes. Therefore, it applies to costly plans, high level crafted armors, pets in demand, rare items, rare mounts, etc.

Three configurations:

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  • You own two copies of this kind of items. In this case, this tip will help you selling it much quicker.
  • You just have one copy and you come across the opportunity of buying another copy for cheap. Objective: sell it to make a profit.
  • You currently have none but you have the opportunity of buying two of them for a bargain. Objective: resale with a profit.

I insist, because it is important, you need expensive items being sold in small quantity.

Let’s see the process through a particular example.

Let’s consider the case of a HL plan sold around 10,000g. You can expect, as time goes by, that its market price will drop and it will become hard to sell.

You could find it difficult to sell your copy or other players can run into the same difficulty and some might even end up crushing prices by posting it between 2,000 and 3,000g for example…

In this case, after careful thinking, you can try out the following technique:

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  • buy a copy of this plan between 2,000 and 3,000g
  • post it for sale around 9,000g (below its market price).
  • then use one of your alts to post your other copy for 5,000g.

People seeing your second copy for sale will not resist thinking they can make a good bargain since its posted price will be clearly below market and it will show since, precisely, there is another copy (yours as well, but you are the only one to know this) posted around its usual price.

You could go and think you missed a bigger profit but there comes a time when you should sell for less of a profit than not selling at all.

It is especially true with this kind of items that start from sky-high prices to reach rock-bottom in the end.

So, this technique will not work for sure every time but, for the configurations we described above, they can make a difference.

It’s up to you to adjust your prices and strategy to your current and precise status.

You can also make it complete by posting this kind of message on the trade channel, from time to time, so you catch people attention:

Clearance: xxxx for sale on the AH, incredible discount!

In any case, be careful and don’t get ripped off by a false good deal now that you know the trick ;).