In this section, we will focus on the transformation professions which are the ones allowing you to pile up gold the most and by far.

If you are allergic to farming, you can buy ingredients from the Auction House being careful with prices.

On the contrary, if you are not afraid of farming and have the associated gathering professions, all profit will be yours.
Mining goes along Jewelcrafting in order to prospect minerals and Herbalism pairs with Inscription in order to mill herbs and, of course, Alchemy.

In any case, if making gold is a strong personal objective, you will have a hard time farming every ingredient by yourself and since these methods are already real time-consuming, you are better off buying ingredients from the AH.
Your must-have are people “working” (farming) for you (see the associated advanced technique in module 4).

Enchanting is, for its part, a special and unique transformation profession we will also cover in details.

What can be interesting, to go further, is to have a wide range of professions (reroll) at your disposal since you can then combine several methods.
For instance, just a few examples, with Alchemy, you can create gems for Jewelcrafting and, with Enchanting, you can disenchant some items crafted through Jewelcrafting or other crafting professions.

In the following lessons, we will see how to prospect, mill and disenchant faster and easier, how to use Auctioneer and Trade Skill Master to automate some tasks and, obviously, what to do to make a profit and pile up quite a tidy sum of gold… 🙂