Do not expect making a fortune with these two secondary skills. However, there are still some opportunities to earn gold by doing something different.

So, if you are a fisherman or a cook at heart, why don’t you take the chance?

With cooking, your major source of income resides in Feasts. Since you have many wipes from raid groups week after week, demand for them remains decent and you can make comfortable profits, especially if you go and farm yourself ingredients by fishing.

You still have to keep an eye on resale price since it is sometimes more profitable to sell the right fish directly on the AH.

The most interesting factor remains, however, fishing which offers farming opportunities very different from the others (mining, gathering, …).

Of course, put all the odds on your side by maximizing your fishing skills, by using baits and, if possible, a fishing pole with added +30 or +40 for fishing.

The first resource you want to farm with fishing is Volatile Fire.

Pêche de feux volatils
Pêche de feux volatils

You can fish them in the Twilight Highlands:

Spots feux volatils (pêche) Mont Hyjal

And in this area of Mount Hyjal :

Spots feux volatils (pêche) Mont Hyjal

Next, come the fish which are ingredients in the Feast recipes and that are high in demand:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Lavascale Catfish to be fished in ULDUM waters
  • Highland Guppy to be fished anywhere around the TWILIGHT HIGHLANDS
  • Fathom Eel to be fished in TOL BARAD peninsula or along the coast in ULDUM.