Difficulty level: easy

Welcome to this third module dedicated to professions which can prove to be massive sources for gold.

In World of Warcraft, professions are totally different in terms of profitability..

However, you can find one to roughly suit your taste and your methods will differ according to what you choose from the following options:

  • to farm resources with gathering (or secondary) professions, and then sell them on the Auction House,
  • to transform these resources with transformation professions, and then resell the products from these transformations,
  • or to craft some rather expensive items with crafting professions then to make a profit by selling these items.

In any case, you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that few professions are optimized for earning gold and for providing the right bonus for your class at the same time.
For example, mining will make you farm minerals and ores that are reliable sources of income but the stamina bonus you get from mining is far from being optimal for every gaming style. Apart from the DK tank which is quite limited ;).

Therefore, it’s very interesting to keep some rerolls close at hand so you can widen the range of professions and choose the optimal configuration for your main.

If you want to earn some gold, you also need to choose your professions according to what you enjoy doing.
If you’d rather squat in the Auction House and enjoy hundreds of clicks to disenchant, prospect or mill, then go ahead with transformation professions.
If you’d rather have fun traveling and are not afraid of spending hours collecting resources then gathering professions are made for you.

Then again, if you want to fully benefit from your professions, you will have to use the right tools and sometimes put into practice some of the methods we covered in the previous module regarding purchase-resale.

If you are still uncertain about which profession to choose for gold, I recommend you check out all the sections below to find out what each of them has to offer.
If you already made up your mind, you just have to browse through the professions you are interested in.

Finally, to close this introduction, be aware that combining some professions is deadly efficient so it can be really worthwhile investing time and gold in rerolls so you get a wider range of professions.