This is a massive update with several major improvements to the addon/guides and several cool new features aswell.
Some of the feature highlights are

  1. Target Button customization
  2. Recording feature
  3. Sticky Frame feature
  4. Search feature

You can download the latest update right now for free by using our addon installer or download from the members area below

I have created a new Video Tutorial on the Target Button customization feature. Make sure to check it out below

More video tutorials on how to use the new features are coming soon, in the mean time have fun experimenting with the new features and post any comments below.

Build 5.1000 – August 18th 2011

Dugi Guides Addon

  • Fixed Lore tag not displaying in Leveling tab.
  • Fixed Dugi corpse arrow bug after Zoning.
  • Added better Pre-quest detection for smoother guides
  • Added Reputation detection for smoother guides.
  • Optimized the addon to make it run faster.
  • Help tab improvements.
  • Item Button improved to show tooltip.
  • Target Button
    • New Show Target Button option (so you can use it via macro keybind only without showing the floating icon)
    • New Customize Target Button option (see video tutorial)
  • New Record Tab
    • This is a feature to record your character’s questing path, will be useful to see your recent quest history and also help bug reports. (video tutorial coming soon)
  • Waypoints
    • New Show Dugi Arrow option (so you can hide Dugi Arrow and have it functioning on your map only)
    • New Corpse arrow on/off option
  • Frames
    • Option to hide the Dugi Icon Button
    • Dugi Icon now support LDB icon display, eg Titan panel
    • Added hide Small Frame option,
    • You can now right click on the Icon Button to open the Large Frame.
  • New Sticky Frame feature, Shift-left click on a guide step in Small/Large frame to activate sticky frame, more info TBA.
  • New Search Guide feature, there is now a search box in Current Guide tab for you to easily search the selected guide title or descriptions.

Daily Guides

  • Improved a lot of guides with reputation and pre-quest detection to make them run smoother.
  • Also revised Vendor run guides, removed old and added some new npcs.

    38 replies to "Dugi 5.1 is Now Available"

    • ****.Pepsi

      If this wounderfull ingame Addon would have an Carbonite-like Zoomable map (or an addon suggestion which will do the same without all the carbonite cluttering). I would insta-buy it. But till then I’ll stick to QH2, Lightheaded and Carbonite (sadly because it’s a really perfomance hole…)

      I really liked the 1-20 demo guide. 🙂 Like I said. Zommable map and you would have a new customer 🙂 For me its easier this way to find the way I need to go best, with a zommable map I mean.

    • Arya

      Thank you Dugi !

      Good work!! I’ts so fun playing with all kind off updates you serv your members with : )

      Thank you ! thank you ! very very much !!


    • breno

      you’re the best, thank you for this great guide.

    • roy

      finally did it!!!!
      reached level 80 in less than 7 playing days
      also got my tailoring pro to 525.
      next toon i will try to level to 85 in less than 7 days

    • jwsembower

      awesome job cant wait till the next expansion for the new guide

    • Threebeard

      Can u answer my Question of 11 days ago plz

      • Dugi

        @Threebeard, where?

    • Bladeyama

      Thank you for the search feature. As always excellent work and i love what you guys have done with the new website and addons.

    • Dirrrty

      Hi dugi

      thanks for that I will try it out later


    • Dirrrty

      where have the molten core ach’s gone?

      • Dugi

        @Dirrrty, hmm not sure what happen sorry about that, reinstall to 5.1122

    • cerron

      This has by far been the best investment that i have ever made for the game. I’ve been playing for 2 years now and really didn’t know what i was missing……………

      • Ambleballs


        Dugi guides are fab and a good way to socialise. I have just joined a guild and once mentioned loads said they had Dugi!! Instant friends and things to chat about.

        Its a family not just fantastic guides ;o)

    • Dugi

      Please update to 5.1100

      • Ambleballs

        @Dugi, Thank you, as always ;o)

      • Debugger


        Thanks for the new update 5.1 , nice new options and i should say it was buggy but with the new update the lag is reduced by 80% but i should also say that some lag is still happening , for example : When the guide tells you to go kill X amount of Y NPCs , when you kill any of them in this point the counter needs to update it self with the new number of killed NPCs , there happens lag , and some lag still happening as well when you accept a new quest , luckily did not notice any fps rate drop (the old -before this update version- i notcied with it that fps drops hardly to 20 fps even if i set the grahics settings to “Good” ) by the new updated version yet …. Thank you guy for your work and we all know that you work hard for this software and we are all happy because of the new update and waiting till every bug to be fixed .

        And for those how complains about the bug :

        Take it easy .. if microsoft and apple software got bugs why would not there be bugs on guides as well ? , just wait untill everything get sorted by the guys around here ….

    • Gnomon

      Hi Dugi,

      After a lot of testing, I’ve confirmed that when the Viewer addon is active (i.e., enabled in the addons section of the character select screen) a large lag in framerate happens as soon as you kill a mob. It’s as if your algorithm chews up a bunch of cycles as it tracks the quest progress.

      Also, I find that the 3D model window (from clicking the yellow button) is extremely wide. In fact, it’s 3/4 of my screen width.

      Both of the above have been tested with other addons turned off.


      • Gnomon

        The problem is with the target button. Turning it off gets rid of the lag on kills. Also, there is a bug in the button code. When you toggle the button on after turning it off, you get this:

        Date: 2011-08-18 15:22:15
        ID: 1
        Error occured in: Global
        Count: 1
        Message: ..\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Target.lua line 48:
        CreateFrame: Can’t create ‘Button’ now
        [C]: ?
        [C]: CreateFrame()
        DugisGuideViewerZ\Target.lua:48: CreateFrame()
        DugisGuideViewerZ\Target.lua:6: Init()
        …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:1744: OnLoad()
        …erface\AddOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\DugisGuideViewer.lua:3249: ?()

        • Gnomon

          Also, the small frame seems to relocate itself in the top middle of the screen when you restart the game.

          • Gnomon

            And, although the lag on kills goes away when the target button is disabled, there is lag on handing in and accepting quests.

            Were you guys in a rush to get this out? This is unprecedented bugginess. I’m used to much higher quality from you.

            • Dugi

              @Gnomon, no we didn’t rush anything, I’m a little offended that you would suggest that.

        • Dugi

          @Gnomon, I can confirm the lag and we are looking into it right now.

          • Gnomon

            @Dugi, don’t be offended. It’s actually a compliment that I’m surprised at this. I’ve never personally experienced anything like this from you before.

            • Ambleballs

              @Gnomon, I thought it was a complement and frindly banter.

              Thank you for looking into it as I thought i was looking at a new computer…shame would have been a good excuse

    • Mike

      5.1001 is really bad. game stops when kills are made. jumps and jerks. how do i get the last release back.

      • evilpenny

        @Mike, same thing is happening to me…i turned off all my add-on’s (except Dugi) and all was ok. Now I have to figure out which add-on it is…i’ll let ya know

      • evilpenny

        @Mike, well for me it ended up being the add-on Bagnon that caused the lag ….gotta have my bagnon

    • evilpenny

      love the new updates!!! but sadly, now everytime i kill something or loot something i have a lag issue. =(

      • lmaolol

        @evilpenny, luls ur internt bad

        • evilpenny

          @lmaolol, sorry internet is not bad at all…try again

      • evilpenny

        @evilpenny, well i tried to disable the target button thinking that will help, but the only thing that helps is for me to disable bagnon….

    • John


    • mookies

      great work like always

    • Jane

      love it! one question, though…if you customize the target macro to attack the npc, what happens when you use the target macro on a friendly quest giver? nwim? I use my target button macro to pick up & turn in most of my quests…

      • Dugi

        @Jane, well you’re not able to attack a friendly NPC so you will get something ‘Unable to attack target’ message.

    • Nuz

      Nice…just what I wanted when I first saw the Target Button feature.
      So looking forward to the next time I play.

    • Goldmoon

      This is a great option
      Just one problem hope as been fixed when you click target and there are corspes off ncp,s it also targets these

      again well done all


    • epic

      nice work on it
      it will make level more faster
      keep up the good work

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