Patch 10.2 is here and we have the guides for you, this will cover content for the new zone ‘Emerald Dream’

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Retail Build 9.031 October 10th 2023
Dugi Addon

  • Patch 10.2 compatibility update
  • Fixed mode switching between guide to essential mode
  • Updated Taxidata for Patch 10.2

NPC Journal

  • Update Pet Guide for Patch 10.2
  • Update Mount Guide for Patch 10.2

Achievement Guides

  • New “Guardians of the Dream (70+ Storyline)” guide
  • New “Emerald Dream(Treasures of the)” guide
  • New “Emerald Dream Glyph Hunter” guide
  • New “Emerald Dream(Adventurer of the)” guide
  • New “Emerald Dream(Explore)” guide
  • New “Emerald Dream(Glyph Hunter)” guide

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    • cpweid

      How do you access these new guides?

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