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19 responses to “Download Free WoW Leveling Guides”

    • Hi the free guide contains the Trial guides with unlimited use, the paid version will have all the guides.

  1. I have been with Dugi guides for a lot of years. I can’t even remember how long. I have never had any trouble except for a glitch once in a while early on, that was quickly fixed. But I have, once in a while, gotten lazy and did not install Dugi, and I can tell you gameplay goes much faster with Dugi installed.

    For those of you not receiving emails from Dugi, I can only tell you that the problem is probably on your end. I have never in all the years I’ve been using the guides, ever once lost an email from Dugi. Send Dugi an email using the email address that you are using for Dugi and let him know that you have not been receiving his email. I’m sure he will send you a reply using that email address and then you will know that one is there so you can search for it. Dugi goes out of his way to make sure everyone using his guides have a good experience.

    And by the way, I don’t work for Dugi, I am just to play WoW player.

  2. hi i paid 51dollars for the guides to find i could have just paid 25 dollars for the same thing what gives guys

    i now can not get it to work on wow , dang now i even see its free oh man come on please if its free give me back my money thank you

    • But you got to use it when it was most needed, why ask for your money back? Was it useful then? I am sure it was I know it was for me and the money spent was in good faith plus it keeps updates coming. Are you asking Blizzard to refund you money spend on xpacs? because you can basically have Legion for free now. :S

  3. I already have DugiGuides downloaded, but for some reason it won’t activate, or whatever, in-game. I’ve reinstalled my updates and repaired it. It was working yesterday, so I don’t know what’s wrong now. Please send an email with any advice on how to fix my guide.

    • Make sure the Dugi addon is ticked in the addon menu of WoW and it should work. Try typing ‘/dugi fix’ in the game

  4. I have submit email many times over the last few days, but no email ever sent.
    Not in spam/junk mail either.

  5. hi. i have tried several times to get the confirmation email for the download of dugi’s guide but i do not receive the email. can you please help.

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