Tiny Treasure Chest farming is the new standard for Cataclysm gold/hour rate and surprisingly not many people are aware of their gold potential. Use this technique if you urgently need gold or you need to build up your capital gold to play the Auction House game.

Update: Due to AOE looting feature in Mist of Pandaria this method is even better. Potion of Luck is the new version of Potion of Treasure Finding. Potion of Luck unfortunately is not very effective due to the High Health Points and difficulty of NPC in Pandaria.

Using Potion of Treasure Finding to farm in Cataclysm zone is still far more superior than farming in Pandaria and should still net you over 2000g/hour. The Varlok’s Stand in Deepholm is still the best farming location because of the quick respawn and density of the NPCs.

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