Here is a list of the best, in my opinion, addons that you can use to make gold in the game. Divided into three categories, they are:

  • Essential Addons – These are the add-ons that are imperative to any player wishing to make money. They will give you the extra advantage passed over by much of the population.
  • Optional Addons – These are add-ons that I find useful in my day to day gold-making activities. I suggest you try them out.
  • Crafter Addons – These are add-ons that you should install only if you want to make gold using Professions and crafted items.

Click here for instruction on how to install AddOns

Essential Addons


As mentioned earlier, Auctioneer is the most powerful add-on in the game. Auctioneer will scan the auction house for you, and create the spreadsheet so essential to keeping up with the market trends of the game. It will give you the insider information on bids, listing, and buy-outs.Add your content here…
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download AuctioneerSuite Here[/features_box_yellow]


One of the overlooked add-ons of the game, postal add-ons give you the ability to “mass-mail,” or send 21-30 items simultaneously to one player. It can allow you to send or open all of your auction winnings or sales, and do it at once, instead of taking the time to do it one by one.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download Postal Here[/features_box_yellow]

Optional Addons


Auctionator lets you organize your Auction House searches for easy access.
Like Auctioneer, it organizes, in a drop down box, much of the information vital to
Auction House success. It can help in checking for prices as well as deals.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download Auctionator Here[/features_box_yellow]


For the herbalists, miners and hunters of treasure, the main purpose of the
GatherMate add-on is to track those items essential to these professions. Gatherer
provides a minimap to remember where various items were found in the
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download GatherMate2 Here[/features_box_yellow]


This is a pre-made data to show all the locations for Gathering Professions,
you will need to download and import this using GatherMate2
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download GatherMate2_Data Here[/features_box_yellow]


Altoholic gives people as much information as possible in the benefit of a single add-on. It allows users to search their bags for Auction-House-like frame, like screenshots.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download Altoholic Here[/features_box_yellow]


Routes can be used with GatherMate2 to create an optimized gathering route.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download Routes Here[/features_box_yellow]

Crafter Addons



Formerly Advanced Trade Skill Window (ATSW) Skillet is a complete replacement for Blizzards trade skill window with more overview and special functions like bigger window, production queue, different sort options, and many other.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download Advanced Trade Skill Window Here[/features_box_yellow]

LilSparky’s Workshop

LilSparky’s Workshop adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame. Each skill is evaluated for material costs and potential value of the item created.
[features_box_yellow width=”90%” + border=”1px”]Download LilSparky’s Workshop Here[/features_box_yellow]