How would you like to make 1000 – 3000 gold every 3 days and spending only 20 minutes per day (that is at least 1000g /hour)

This is possible by doing Argent Tournament Daily quests to collect 14 /day and every 3rd day you can buy a pet for 40 to resell in the Auction House to massive profits. These pets are not Bind on Pick up and they are selling at crazy prices check out the screen shot below from US Blackrock server.

Go ahead and check the pet section in your Auction House server today. Now that Cataclysm have arrived, old content like the Argent Tournament have been forgotten by many players and these pets have increased in value due to less players doing or even knowing about the Argent Tournament.. this means awesome gold opportunity for you. The Argent Tournament will require initial time invested for you to unlock all the dailies, but the rewards are well worth it, check out our Daily Quests Guide sales page for a list of Argent Tournament items that you can collect.

Cross faction pets will also generally sell for more, you can transfer your pet to the opposite faction by using the cross faction Auction House in Winterspring, Booty Bay or Gadgetzan then list it in the main city Auction House. As you can see from the screenshot above the [Elwynn Lamb] and [Dun Morogh Cub] are an Alliance Argent Tournament pet reward and are selling for more gold in the Horde Auction House.

With the help of our In-Game Daily Quests Guide, you can begin collecting at least 9 /day after 7 days. This is a run down on how to use our Argent Tournament guide to get all the rewards for yourself or for gold profit.

Purchasing Heirloom item with is also the easiest way to go, for example a shoulder Heirloom only cost 60 (5-7 days worth of Dailies) vs 2200 Justice Points (Killing 29 Heroic 5 Man Dungeon Bosses) which is extremely tough for a lot of players.


1. Begin with ‘Argent Tournament (78+ Pre-Quest)‘ guide to unlock the Aspirant Dailies.

2. Complete ‘Argent Tournament (Aspirant Dailies)‘ for 3 days to collect 15 [Aspirant Seals]


3. After 3 Days of completing Aspirant Daily quests. You should now be able to complete the quest Up To The Challenge (H) and you will now unlock the Valiant Daily quests and represent your home <City> faction to represent.

The Valiant rank Daily quest series with provide you with the chosen <City> Reputation + Silver Covenant (Alliance) or Sunreaver (Horde) Reputation, you can choose any city that you like.

Alliance Horde
Darnassus (Night Elf)
Ironforge (Dwarf)
Gnomeregan (Gnome)
Stormwind City (Human)
The Exodar (Draenei)
Thunder Bluff (Tauren)
Orgrimmar (Orc)
Undercity (Undead)
Senjin (Troll)
Silvermoon (Blood Efl)

You can now use the ‘Argent Tournament (Valiant Dailies)’ guide and complete the <City> Valiant rank Daily quests series for 5 Days to collect 25 [Valiant Seals] and become Champion of <City>

Check out the YouTube video below for a good tutorial on ‘How To Joust’ with Argent Tournament


4. After 5 Days of completing Valiant Daily quests you should now be able to complete the quest The Valiant’s Charge to become a Champion for your chosen <City>.

Eg if you chose Ironforge you will receive the Achievement Champion of Ironforge and all you need to do now is to gain Exalted reputation with Ironforge to gain Exalted Champion of Ironforge achievement which is 1 of 6 achievement that you need for Crusader title Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance

You will now unlock 3 Champion Daily quests, and be able to select another Valiant of <City> quest to become a Champion of another City.

5. Now you can complete the entire ‘Argent Tournament (78+ Pre-Quest)’ guide to unlock for 2 more Champion Daily quests.

6. Now you can select the ‘Argent Tournament (Champion Dailies)’ guide and begin receiving…

  • 9 per day
  • 89 gold
  • 1250 reputation point for Argent Crusade faction
  • 1250 reputation point for Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) faction

7. At the same time you can now begin 3 Valiant rank Daily quest series with a different <City> where you can receive

  • 3 [Valiant Seals] per day
  • 40 gold
  • 750 reputation for the second chose Valiant <City> (eg. you choose Stormwind City as your second city)
  • 1000 reputation point for Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) faction

NOTE: There is actually another Valiant Daily quest where you can get reward for 2 more [Valiant Seals] BUT this quest only reward 250 rep for Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) faction and doesn’t reward any <City> reputation. This quest requires a lot of travelling and it is a time waster as you will get an abundant amount of Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) reputation already and reach Exalted in no time. These Valiant quests are only important for the 750 <City> reputation.

DAY 16

8. By now you will now have another 25 [Valiant Seals] to turn in the quest The Valiant’s Charge and become a Champion of your second chosen <City> (Stormwind). But if you become a new champion you will stop receiving reputation point for the chosen the Valiant <City>, so I recommend switching Valiant quest AFTER you have reach Exalted status with your Valiant <City>. You can save your [Valiant Seals] for the next <City> to become Champion straight away without doing any Valiant Dailies, but you will likely need to do the quests for reputations first.

Note: you could also gain reputation for different <City> by using the Tabards and kill the bosses in Cataclysm dungeons.

9. Once you reach Exalted status with Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) Reputation you will unlock 3 more Daily quests for 3 . You can now use the ‘AT (Champion + Exalted Sunreaver + Crusader Dailies)’ guide you can simply skip the Crusader Daily quests until you unlock it.

10. Once you reach Exalted status with your chosen Valiant <City> turn in your 25 [Valiant Seals] and become a Champion where you will simultaneously receive Champion and Exalted Achievement and have access to the <City> Quartermaster.

11. And once you become a Champion of All the <City> and also reach Exalted status for all the Classic <City> reputation and also Exalted reputation with Argent Crusade you will receive the Crusader title and unlock 2 more Daily quests for 2 . Once you have become a Champion to all the Faction you won’t be able to complete anymore Valiant Daily Quests.

Total amount of that you can earn per day are..

  • Champion = 9 /day
  • Champion + Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) = 12 /day
  • Champion + Silver Covenant (A) or Sunreaver (H) + Crusader Achievement = 14 /day

Note: You can also gain 3 /day by going Heroic Trial of Champion, however it will be hard to find a group for it at level 85 and it is not possible to solo because you won’t be able to pass the first Jousting phase on your own.