Only 1 more week to go until we can all enter the new zone to level 85 ,  I have posted a  series of tips inside the video below for 80-85 leveling and I will also help you choose which 80-82 zone,  Mount Hyjal or Vashj’ir ?


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We have completed the final build of the 80-85 guide it will be released shortly after the end of our pre-order sale,  you will be ready with a the complete guide to 85 well before Cataclysm goes live.


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    24 replies to "Cataclysm 80-85 Leveling Tip (Mount Hyjal vs Vashj’ir)"

    • Druidman

      Bingo Bango Bongo Im so happy in the Congo 😀

      great guide


      Dugi, This isn’t working for me at all. If any of the addons are checked, I keep getting Lua errors and can’t even open my tallent tree(that causes more errors). this was installed on 12/08. I don’t have access to the Cata leveling guides, though the membership page clearly says that I should. I hope there is some way you can help me resolve these issues. Great guide, when it was working.


      • Dugi

        Delete your DugisGuideViewerZ and TomTom folder.

        Try the All-In-One download link from the members area

        You can check before installing by opening the Zip to see whether the new guides folder are there.
        If its not try delete the zip file and try downloading again.

        make sure you don’t open old zip files that you downloaded in the past.

        If error persists, try loading on DugisGuide and TomTom
        Then enable the rest of your addon one at a time to see if you can find a conflict.


          I’ll try it this evening (I’m not at my home computer). Thanks for prompt response

        • paradox22

          worked fine. ty

    • Gail Comer

      It would be very helpful to know how to get in and out. I got the mount but it was so late I needed to quit. I ran out of potions and wanted to go back. Someone last night waited 30 minutes for the boat and gave up on it. Is there a portal?

    • Gail Comer

      I found myself is Vashj’ir with no way out. I think putting your hearthstone there is a mistake. cost me 20 g to get out.
      Also it is unclear how we go back and forth. Please give tips. i got the flight path in the cave to nowhere. not very helpful.

      • Dugi

        Just follow the guide and you will eventually get a Seahorse mount and from there its much easier.

    • Robert Shipley

      Man i did 25 dailies like you suggested turned them in and guess what no frkin xp or rep

      • Dugi

        Blizzard Nerf it at the very last minute (today) so that you will only receive 10% experience… this is to stop people from grinding in Northrend to Level 85…

        Sorry about that, there was actually a blue that confirm that they wouldn’t nerf the XP boost from Dailies but, this new change did ot.

    • Odile

      Will underwater breathing be provided for Vasj’ir or will this be an opportunity for selling breathing potions??

      • Dugi

        It will be provided, the first set of quest will give you unlimited underwater breathing and 60% swim speed buff and from there it gets applied automatically everytime you enter Vashj’ir

    • Marco Greg

      hi dugi i trie the new guide but missing allmost the guides i delete the old one a copy the new version.

      • Dugi

        make sure you are logged in the members area and use the all in one download link.

    • toadlily

      Love your guide!

      I suspect that come Dec &th, that there will be dungeons and dailies listed?

      I missed being in the beta this time around, so having this is very helpful. Thanks!

      ~ toad

    • ivan rodriguez

      my girlfriend does not understand English and would like saver if your guide is in Spanish?

      • Dugi

        The guide have some parts of it that auto translate to spanish however it is not fully translated.

    • Marco Greg

      i dugi i see your videos and see the lv 80 and 85 zones but im my addon i download dont see that zones and kalindor only have 2 zones for the achiv loremaster i hope and think you working day and night till the realease of the cata and good work.

      • Dugi

        the 80-85 guide will release later on today.

        • Bel

          I hope I’m not missing something. I ordered the Cat upgrade, but I don’t see anything new in the download area….

        • worm

          when 80-85 will be available? I want buy your guide but I will w8 till I make sure that after pay I can download it instantly…

          • Dugi

            it is available right now.

    • Frank Menke

      I ordered the 85 guide but it don’t show up on my lvling guide when I log in on WOW. Did I order the right guide??

    • will davis

      i thought you would have a order sheet here.

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