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Dugi Guides™ LTD | DugiGuides.com is a privately owned company based in Christchurch, New Zealand founded and created by Dave Farrell (Dugi) in 2005.

Dave Farrell is a 39 year old male, married and is a father of three young boys. Dave is an avid gamer since early childhood and is a huge fan of Blizzard games.

Successful at leveling and gold making with the original release of World of Warcraft in 2005, he shared his knowledge by creating the first ever 50 gold per hour gold making guide focusing on helping solo and casual gamers which was posted for free in the official world of warcraft forums.

The overwhelming success and response from the community sparked a demand to create a premium content where it was made available at dugiguides.com. Today dugiguides.com also known as Dugi Guides is focused on developing in-game guides for World of Warcraft with their own custom built AddOn.

It was originally a solo project but we have now grown into a team of full/part time staff and partners of professional people that covers the website, programming, game play, guide creation, translation, technical support and marketing.

The best way to contact us is by using the ticket support system or you can also contact Dugi directly by emailing dave at dugiguides dot com

or Level 4/123 Victoria St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013

Why would you pay for a WoW Guide?


This is a common question that many have wondered because there are many free guides and addons available that can easily be found with our friend google.

The ridiculously oversimplified answer would be: Because it’s a better WoW Guide. But of course that would lead only to the next question: What makes a better WoW Guide?

There are several guidelines that you can use to determine the value of WoW Guides. The single most important factor would have to be 1) The guides. Four other important factors that affect the cost are 2) The addon , 3) How fast it gets updated, 4) The amount of content included, 5) The technical support


1. The guides

A custom made guide takes longer to create and If you want a professional wow guide then you should get it from a professional wow guide creator and not from someone who creates guides and addons in their spare time.

All our guides are manually created by us to ensure a correct and accurate path. It was not generated overnight by a database software like addons such as questhelper or carbonite. To create a guide like ours takes a lot of time as we have to repeatedly played the game over and over again to create an accurate path.

Our team has been playing and creating WoW Guides since WoW began. We are experts in our field and all the guides are personally directed by me (Dugi).

I have played the game extensively and experienced every aspect of it. I was a guild leader for successful end game raids, and also achieved multiple gladiator status the highest level of achievement for pvp, needless to say I am pretty good at this game.

What started as a small project of playing WoW and creating guides has become my full time real life profession. I have been doing this for a living for over 10 years, my life and my family depends on the success of these guides.

Free guides are usually created by a series of amateurs who create it as a hobby, they have no incentive to create the guide at a high level of standard or update the changes and fix any errors.

Other paid guides are often no better, because I have seen multiple companies selling guides with empty promises and only to disappear months later as it quickly becomes outdated. This is because they are nothing but internet marketers out for a quick buck with no passion for World of Warcraft or serving the wow community.

We have been operating since 2005 and have customers who are still with us from the very beginning, we are here to stay and we will deliver you the latest updates.

When it comes to creating guides for WoW, I am hands down the best person for the job.


2. The addon

A good addon will cost a lot of time and money.

Not all World of Warcraft guides out there will use an addon, some of them still take the online HTML or PDF ebook approach which is fine if we were still in 2005. But now the WoW API has been improved by Blizzard to allow us to create addons that work seamlessy with our guides.

Today playing with an in-game leveling guide is the only way to go. Using a leveling guide without an addon is no longer effective, alt tabbing and reading an ebook guide out of the game will only slow you down.

Dugi Guides has invested heavily into hiring 2 addon developers to build our own custom addon for our guide that is designed by me (Dugi) from a gamer’s perspective.

A lot of time and development goes into the addon itself, we have to do countless hours of brain storming, programming and testing for us to develop what we believe to be the simplest, most powerful and easiest to use leveling guide addon in the world.

We also continously update the addon to offer new features that will improve your gameplay. We also created our one click installer because installing and updating is often the biggest challenge for most users.


3. How fast it gets updated

We develop the latest genre of guides and release them faster than anyone else and we ensure than our guides get updated on time and as error free as possible.

Dugi Guides have a long history of being able to provide updates for our guides faster than anyone else. We have managed to release our guide on time for each expansion.

We also repeatedly check our guides for bugs or improve it further, whenever a bug is reported you can be sure that it will be fixed immediately. This is something that you will never see with free guides as the authors will only update or fix the guides when they feel like it.

It is extremely important to us to improve our guides and maintain it to be as error free as possible for our users because nobody will purchase our guides if we don’t.

We were the first to create a new genre of in-game guides including our Dailies & Events, Dungeon and Achievement & Profession guides. These guides are all unique to Dugi Guides and all our users benefit from using them sooner than everyone else, who typically have to wait for months as other guide creators follow in our footsteps.


4. The amount of content included

Dugi Guides offers the highest amount of content per dollar than any other guides.

We believe in offering the best value for our customers, over the years we have added more content, improved our addon and our prices have only dropped. Why? because our popularity and continued success allowed us to earn more than enough to cover our monthly expenses and keep this website ad free.


5. Technical Support

Technical support costs a lot of time and money which is why you don’t receive it from free addons and guides.

All free guides and addons don’t offer any technical support at all which will often waste your time and leave you frustrated. Dugi Guides offers unlimited technical support from the use of our Ticket Support system and also our community forum.

We will typically respond to you within 24 hours or sooner if you catch us while we are awake. We can even offer you live remote support and fix any problems that you might have remotely.

Well I hope some of the mystery is gone now as to why we must charge for these guides. Without any form of funding it would not be possible for us to create our high quality guide.

Dugi Guides is the source for automated in-game WoW Guides, it all starts here.

Yours Truly

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  1. I recently started playing WOW again. I’m an older player and have been a subscriber for several years. I decided to play Horde and realized how LOST I was. So I installed Dugi’s Guide. It is even better than I remember so I had to get the new Updates. THANK you Dugi for helping me keep up with WOW.

  2. Bonjour moi qui aie payé mes addon du temps de Lionel ou il étais vendu je fais comment maintenant j ai plus accé a ce que j ai acheté a l époque j en aie eux pour plus de 100 euros ???? d achats guide de métier guide des DJ guide leveling pour alliance ??? j ai tout de même payé ce produit qui devais a l achat je signal plus être payé après juste les nouveau guide serait payant parce que la après quoi si je paye maintenant qui dit que cela ne passera pas encore dans les mains de quelqu’un d autres comme c est le cas puisque ce n est plus Lionel qui le vend mais quelqu’un d autres merci de me tenir au courant je joue a wow depuis 2008 je pense ne pas être un noob mais quand j achète quelques chose il est a moi si je loue il ne m appartiens pas mais la j ai acheté et je possède toujours mes preuves d achat merci de prendre en considération mes question bien a vous

  3. Are we still waiting for legion jewelcrafting guide, cause I can’t seem to find it . Have downloaded the latest patch this morning (May 3rd) and its still not there, or have i done something wrong. Would be glad of some advice, been a member since 2009 and not had any problems previously

    thank you

    • legion jewelcrafting questing 1-800 has been available for a long time now, try using the search bar.

  4. Hi. I love your guide. I would like to cancel my subscription. I cannot find any information on your website that allows me to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. hi i want to pay one month with PayPal but i need a cradit card but i dont have it:(
    cane i pay you from PayPal to PayPal

    • Very sorry for the late reply, on the Clickbank payment page there should be a paypal option that you can select to pay by Paypal

  6. would be nice if you would sent password resets out, cant leave a ticket as my e-mail is used, but cant log in because I forgot my password, tried to reset 3 times. no e-mail or text sent. love your guides if only I could use them.

  7. I would like to see a FAQ about the differences of several guide addons: Zygor paid, Zygor trial, Dugi paid, Dugi Questing Essential, Dugi trial (if not the same as DQE) and the free WoW-Pro. The latter is very limited, but how does it compare with the trial versions? DQE hosted at wowinterface.com looks like a fully free addon, but has it got limitations? Of course you will be biased. So, can there be an independent comparison?

    • Hi, I can comment on our product.

      DQE is the bare bone addon only and doesn’t contain any pre-written guides while Dugi Trial will contain sample of guides such as complete level 1-40 leveling guides and event guides.

      Dugi paid version will include all the pre-writteen guides, such as 1-110 leveling, achievement, professions, dailies, dungeons and more see this page for more details for the paid version


      Best way is to try the free trials / addon to get a good comparison.

  8. I was wondering if you where ever going to bring back the one time payment for guides again? I was a free member back between 2010-2013 and was trying to save up for the one time payment.

  9. would love to come back to dugi guides but i have forgotten my user name and password can some one advize how to get dugi guides again

  10. Dugi you are the best keep up the great work dont give up on us! I would love to see you create a wow in game gold addon that would be great.Keep up the great work ive been a long time supporter.

  11. Our Family (My husband, myself and 3 daughters) all play World of
    Warcraft. Am I allowed to share my Dugi guide with them?
    It is so much easier to quest together when we are all on the same guide. We
    have been using Zygor with no problems regarding that issue.

    Since they are changing their billing procedure for the new expansion and
    updates, we decided to comparison shop for a new guide and yours has the highest
    approval rating. We are seriously considering your guide and I have down loaded
    the trial version. So far I like it. It’s very similar to Zygor but seems to be
    a little more user friendly.

    Please advise,

    • Hi, I think we spoke already on skype. Just to clarify we allow account sharing within the same household.

  12. Hi!

    I am a user of Zygor for many years but now I just get LUA error for the last week. I thoght I must try something else and found Dugi Guides. I downloaded a tryout because I didnt believe it would work. But it worked fine in wow. I am so happy with the leveling help…I need it because I am 63 years old. Legion is soon released and hopefully you can get a guide in due time.

  13. I purchased the guide and accidently deleted it. How do I get it back because I also can’t remember my log in and password. I guess that is what happens when you get old lol. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Your guide works amazingly well and have enjoyed it till I deleted it

  14. How quickly will you have Legion leveling guides ready after the release of the expansion on August 30, 2016?

    • We will have at least the leveling guides for both faction ready on before the expansion is released.

  15. I have recently installed the program that I purchased (OMG, so many years ago). I would like to know what else I should get from you. The application seems to work fairly well and would like to optimize all of my toons. Could you give me an idea what else would help and since i helped start the business out that many years ago, would you consider a lifetime membership for me? I have faith that all of your guides were written very clean and except for a few glitches, is the answer to my wants. I have already purchased Legion and would like to get that expansion guide when you enable it. Please stay in contact with me as I think your doing a great job. I would like to get everything maxed on all my characters and acquire all mounts and achievements among rep and everything in between. Please advise.

    • I’m sorry for my late reply, I was out of town. I took a look at your account and looks like you should have everything you need already, message me again once your subscription expire.

  16. Hi,
    Can I use your Guide in the current Version for the World of Warcraft wotlk v.3.3.5a?

    Like to hear from you soon.

    Gretings Matthew

    • Sorry I missed replying to this Matthew. We can only support Blizzard’s official servers as it is against their Policy to support private servers.

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