World of Warcraft is constantly changing, and one of the biggest changes to occur was the addition of the dungeon finder.  Instance leveling has since taken over as the fastest way to power level your character.  Level by level, instance leveling simply gets you more experience in a shorter amount of time.  Let’s take a closer look at the reasons instance leveling is the fastest way.

wow instanceMore Kills = More Experience

The reason so much experience is packed into just one instance run is because you have a lot less down time.  Five people can take on a mob of four or five creatures per minute.  That’s compared to solo questing, in which you, by yourself, could probably only take on one or two creatures per minute.  When you’re instance leveling with a group, you get experience for each kill, even if you didn’t actually damage the monster.

If you end up in a good group for instance leveling, then you probably will also spend a lot less time being dead and running back to get your body.  It is much easier to kill monsters in a group of five people because someone is always watching your back.  Of course this part of the extra experience depends entirely on what kind of group you get, but it’s pretty rare that a group is so bad that you’re not getting more experience than you would solo questing on your own.

More Kills = More WoW Gold

Another reason instance leveling is the best way to power level is because you will have access to a lot more gold.  More kills means that more gold will drop, along with more trash that can be sold to a vendor for more gold.  The bottom line is, the more kills you can pack into a minute, the more gold you’ll be able to get.

Another aspect of the gold game in World of Warcraft is the problem of leveling your character beyond your gold means.  Some of the traditional leveling guides have you power leveling so fast that you just aren’t earning enough gold to stay current with your gear and level your professions.  However, the good news about instance leveling guides like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide is the fact that you can farm for gold at the same time you’re leveling.  There’s no need to seek out any special areas to farm certain things because those things will drop often enough in the instances.

More Kills = More Materials for Professions

Overall, instances have better loot drops, both for gear and for other profession items like cloth and various materials.  Although you will have to level your gathering professions outside of the instances, instance leveling should provide you with plenty of materials to cover the crafting professions.  This will greatly cut down on the amount of gold you spend to level your professions, in addition to helping you earn more gold.