Hey! We finally made it to herbs. It’s been a long journey so far. I only got a couple more sections left to go. Stay posted.

Below is the herb guide. As a bonus, I’ve added a supplement for you inscribers out there to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Yes, I even color coded it for you.

If you see a “<—Mill thisnext to a item, this means, if you have to buy a herb to mill, then this herb is the cheapest to mill of the set of herbs used to make pigments. If you are going to sit in the AH to level up, no need to break the bank.

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Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac

Herb Farming

Alabaster Pigment

Needed for Ivory Ink and Moonglow Ink
Peacebloom & Silverleaf

Dusky Pigment and Verdant Pigment

Needed for Midnight Ink and Hunter’s Ink
Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, & Swiftthistle

Golden Pigment and Burnt Pigment

Needed for Lion’s Ink and Dawnstar Ink
Wild Steelbloom
Grave Moss
Kingsblood & Liferoot

Emerald Pigment and Indigo Pigment

Needed for Jadefire Ink and Royal Ink
Fadeleaf, Goldthorn & Khadgar’s Whisker

Violet Pigment and Ruby Pigment

Needed for Celestial Ink and Fiery Ink
Arthas’ Tears
Purple Lotus
Ghost Mushroom

Silvery Pigment and Sapphire Pigment

Needed for Shimmering Ink and Ink of the Sky
Golden Sansam
Mountain Silversage

Nether Pigment and Ebon Pigment

Needed for Ethereal Ink and Darkflame Ink
Dreaming Glory
Mana Thistle
Nightmare Vine
Ancient Lichen

Azure Pigment and Icy Pigment

Needed for Ink of the Sea and Snowfall Ink
Adder’s Tongue
Fire Leaf & Fire Seed
Lichbloom & Icethorn
Talandra’s Rose
Tiger Lily

Unmillable Herbs

***** Lotus
Nightmare Seed
Fel Lotus
Frost Lotus

–Peacebloom & Silverleaf
These are found nearly every where in the start zones. Peacebloom can be found out in the open and Silverleaf near trees.
[Peacebloom Average Price: 3.9 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Silverleaf Average Price: 3.8 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this

Earthroot can also be found in the starting zone, although these are placed on hills and mountains. For the horde, Tirisfal Glades has the highest amount of nodes, so try farming in the mountains east of Agamand Mills. If you fight for the other side, Dun Morogh’s Gol’Bolar Quarry has the highest concentration of nodes.
[Earthroot Average Price: 6.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Mageroyal, Bruiseweed, Briarthorn & Swiftthistle
Only the horde side has a good concentration of nodes for these plants. Most Ally points are very spread out and too few to be found. If you are serious about farming these items, the easiest place to get to is the barrens (helps if you are a skinner, too). Stick to the open areas for Mageroyal and you are bound to trip on them. Bruiseweed can be found near trees and buildings. Swiftthistle can only be found from these two nodes.  Briarthorn can be found at the base of trees.

On a side note, even though the Silverpine Forest is a bit of a trip to the Alliance players, the Mageroyal does tend to grow in clusters here. Also, the Briarthron is not too shabby here, either. The good news is that most of the mobs here are Ally friendly (not so much if you are a hordie).
[Mageroyal Average Price: 17.6 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this
[Bruiseweed Average Price: 23.4 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Swiftthistle Average Price: 18.3 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Briarthorn Average Price: 28.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

The best area is along the coast of Ratchet. The druids will have the best bet due to the aquatic form giving 50% swim speed boost. Get to town and go north to the Delta (where the river meets the sea) and jump into the water. Just follow the coast South until you hit the border. Now, this Southeren area is also great for fishing firefins. A two for one deal! If this area happens to be too populated, swim up and down the Western coasts of STV starting from Booty Bay.
[Stranglekelp Average Price: 20.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Wild Steelbloom
Some might suggest STV, but let’s face it, the trolls are an annoying mob to deal with. Head to the Arathi Highlands and stick to the rocky areas. The map below shows the route with the obvious Alliance detour in blue.
[Wild Steelbloom Average Price: 35.6 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Grave Moss
If you are going to farm for Grave Moss, be prepared to spend some time in a graveyard. If you are farming for silk, and you happen to be in the Scarlet Monstary anyways, might as well hit the graveyard in the instance while you are at it. Otherwise, the two prime locations are in Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood and the Kodo Graveyard right smack in the middle of Desolace.
[Grave Moss Average Price: 28.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Kingsblood, Liferoot, Fadeleaf, Khadgar’s Whisker, and Goldthorn
This is light and easy laps in STV (shown below) is the best route for farming. If you are looking for Liferoot, you can still use the route, but you’ll have better odds near the water sources. Look for the Fadeleaf in low areas of vegetation away from the water. Look for the Goldthorn in hills and rocks, and Khadgar’s Whisker at the base of trees. Of note, if this area is populated you can run a couple of Scarlet Monastery laps (Go in, gets nodes, get out, reset, repeat). If the area is populated by farmers, and don’t mind a bit of fighting, follow the route below in Dustwallow Marsh for prime pickings on Goldthorn and Liferoot.
[Kingsblood Average Price: 22.6 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this
[Liferoot Average Price: 23.1 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Fadeleaf Average Price: 69.3 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this
[Khadgar’s Whisker Average Price: 70.1 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Goldthorn Average Price: 80.1 GP Per 20 Stack]

This item can only be found in the Alterac Mountains. Hit the snow and sniff around. The nodes for this area also include Goldthorn and Kingsblood, so pick those up for a chance of Wintersbite to show up.
[Wintersbite Average Price: 79.0 GP Per 20 Stack]

Tanaris and Searing Gorge both have this item. As do the Blasted Lands and the Badlands, if not more sparse. Look for this item out in the open.
[Firebloom Average Price: 75.6 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Arthas’ Tears
This is item is found in places where the scourge has taken root, and of that the Western/Eastern Plaguelands come to mind more often. Use the map below to bounce between the towers and pick up the nodes.
[Arthas’ Tears Average Price: 134.0 GP Per 20 Stack]**

Anyone will tell you to go to the Hinterlands and just start stalking around. That is good advice. The herb grows in open spaces, and there’s plenty of that up there. If you are looking for a more secluded area, or if you happen to be on the opposite side of the world, work the Feralas fields. It’s shorter with more condense nodes. Let the map show you the way.
[Sungrass Average Price: 56.5 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Purple Lotus and Wildvine

Every farmer and his brother will know that Jintha’Alor in the Hinderlands is that place to be. It is the most populated node area in the game. But, you are going to fight to get to it. Mobs are everywhere. Wildvine can only be collected via Purple Lotus. They can be dropped by the trolls that live around it. Now, if this area is too populated, even by PvE standards, you can always farm in Feralas. Every temple in Feralas is heavy noded.
[Purple Lotus Average Price: 43.5 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Wildvine Average Price: 69.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Ghost Mushroom
This shroom can be found only in caves. Both Hinterlands and Zangarmarsh have caves you can dive into, and both have their advantages. If you are already in the Hinterlands farming sungrass and purple lotus, stop at the cave atop of Jintha’Alor, do some cliff diving to base level (optional)*, and work your way to Skull Rock caves. By the time you get back to Jintha’s Alor, all the nodes would have reset (see map above). In Zagarmarsh, you get the two for one. The mobs will have a chance to net you unidentified plant parts that can be turned in for rep with the Cenarion Refuge (up to honored only), and you get 15 rep for Sporeggar for each kill.
[Ghost Mushroom Average Price: 81.7 GP Per 20 Stack]

This herb is found along the marshy shores in the Swamp of Sarrows. Just follow the waterways. That’s a bonus to horde, since you have a FP there. A second bonus for all because this area is fairly vacant. It can be found in Zangarmarsh, but few and far between.
[Blindweed Average Price: 50.7 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this

This item is found in Azeroth where ever demons are found. So, Felwood is a nice place to start. The Blasted lands, however, is a smaller zone, and let’s be honest, if you are doing Dugi’s Guide (Ally side), then you are going to go a bit of grinding through here. Might as well make the best of it.
[Gromsblood Average Price: 94.8 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Golden Sansam
This is an herb that you can find in shady areas, as in near base of “mountain” like areas, near trees and houses. You will find this in areas you’ve already farmed such as the Hinterlands, Feralas, and Felwood (see amps above). The Hellfire Peninsula grows this herb like grass.
[Golden Sansam Average Price: 49.5 GP Per 20 Stack]

Here’s another herb that can be farmed in the Hellfire Peninsula, but without rhyme or reason. Most people like to farm this in Azshara, but I tend to stay away from Azshara because I  personally can’t stand this zone. That being said, I cannot ignore the fact that Azshara is a prime place to farm due, mostly to the lack of, well, farmers. Dreamfoil will not be found on the sandy beaches. Look everywhere else.
[Dreamfoil Average Price: 47.8 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Mountain Silversage
As suggested, you will find this growing on the rocks of mountains. If you are farming this the Hellfire Peninsula, break out the flying mount and take to the skies. Many of those nodes are in hard to reach locations.  Back in Azeroth, hug the walls of Winterspring west of Everlook. If you find dragonkin, then you’ve wondered too far east. As a bonus, if you are a miner, you can farm Thorium Ore and Dense Stone with Mountain Silversage on the same route in the Un’goro Crater, as well as colored gems, dirt piles, and Bloodpetal Sprouts.
[Mountain Silversage Average Price: 59.5 GP Per 20 Stack]

If you want to find this item, you will need to head to Winterspring. This is the only place that it grows and it spams up most of the nodes in the zone. Easy to find. Easy to pick up. (see map above)
[Icecap Average Price: 157.4 GP Per 20 Stack]**

Surpise — Plaguebloom can be found in the Plaguelands. In EPL, the nodes are spread out all over, so if you are farming something else in this area, keep your eyes open. In WPL, the nodes are a bit more condensed. Attach your Argent Dawn Commission and do loops between the four farms where the nodes are the highest.
[Plaguebloom Average Price: 50.7 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this

This item grows all over Outland. This is “herb skined” from many of the denizens of Outland. Easy to farm.
[Felweed Average Price: 27.3 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this

–Dreaming Glory
Take up flying the outer boundaries of the outland zones. The herb grows mostly along the mountainous regions. A couple of rings around Nagrand and Terokkar Forest should do the trick. The interior of the Blade’s Edge Mountains has quite a few nodes, too, so follow up the ranges and then back down again.
[Dreaming Glory Average Price: 32.4 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Mana Thistle
Anywhere in Outland where you need a flying mount to reach, you’ll find this node. First and foremost is above Shattrath City (North side) where you should stop in those mountains every time you pass through. If happen to be in Netherstorm, fly north to a small island west of Forge Base Gehenna and Oblivion. It is small and condensed with several node, not to mention a bit too isolated for most farmers.
[Mana Thistle Average Price: 35.4 GP Per 20 Stack]

Keep to the skies and keep towards the edges of the small isles of Netherstorm. This zone is crawling with this plant that grows out in the open. There is none inside the mana stations or the bio domes. Be sure to grab some Mana Thistle while in this area (see above).
[Netherbloom Average Price: 67.5 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Nightmare Vine & Nightmare Seed
You can find this in Outland where ever demons are infesting, so that means Shadowmoon Valley is high up on that list. In SMV, they pretty much grow up everywhere, so follow the map below and watch that arrgo. They can also be dropped by any Servant of Illidan.
[Nightmare Vine Average Price: 65.6 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Nightmare Seed Average Price: ?? GP Per 20 Stack]***

Zangarmarsh is crawling with these nodes. As are the instances connected to Zangarmarsh. Look close to the waterways and cannals, even in the dead mire, where they will stick out more.
[Ragveil Average Price: 48.0 GP Per 20 Stack]

Nail this herb down as best as you can. Stick mostly to the greenery of Terokkar Forest and near the trees (apparently the herb likes the shade.). Obviously, this is a highly populated area for questing so grab them where and when you can.
[Terocone Average Price: 53.0 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Ancient Lichen and Fel Lotus
I wanted to talk about the two more hard to get herbs of outland together. The Ancient Lichen can only be found in the 5 man instances of Outland and Fel Lotus has a 5% drop rate with those same nodes. Fel Lotus can be found with any of the herbs of Outland, but with a smaller chance beyond the Ancient Lichen.

Ancient Lichen can be farmed best by the “skin herbing” of the Bog Lords and Fungal Gaints of Zangarmarsh. There are others, such as the mobs of  the Underbog and the Steamvaults, but the 4% drop rate is about the same.
[Ancient Lichen Average Price: 27.9 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Fel Lotus Average Price: 47.1 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Adder’s Tongue
This herb grows like a weed in the Sholazar Basin. Keep an eye out for nodes near trees and bushes. There are no nodes in the plague side of this land nor in the snows.
[Adder’s Tongue Average Price: 25.3 GP Per 20 Stack]

This is a random pick up from Northrend herb nodes. You will stumble on it from time to time. With a 30 – 40% chance of pick up, these herbs should be an easy farm.
[DeadnettleAverage Price: 18.2 GP Per 20 Stack]

-Fire Leaf & Fire Seed
These herbs don’t get farmed too much anymore (maybe in the future?). But, if you are looking, head to the Geyser Fields in the Borean Tundra. This is the type of herb that you want to track on foot. They spurt flames from time to time and they are better to see with the eyes than a mini map. They are a rocky plant, so stick to the edges and you’ll find more.
[Fire Leaf Average Price: 22.3 GP Per 20 Stack] <—Mill this
[Fire Seed Average Price: ?? GP Per 20 Stack]***

This is a common herb found in the Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra. This item likes to grow out in the open, with preference for grass over snow.
[Goldclover Average Price: 34.7 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Lichbloom & Icethorn
If you want to farm this little herb, you better have a flying mount. The mountainous areas of Storm Peaks has the highest number of nodes in the game. Icecrown comes second. Look near trees and on mountainsides. If you don’t have cold weather flying yet, you can still grab a few at the base of the Storm Peaks by doing small circuits.
[Lichbloom Average Price: 49.8 GP Per 20 Stack]
[Icethorn Average Price: 28.5 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Talandra’s Rose
The hot spot for this Northrend herb is in Zul’Drak. It grows in the shadows, so don’t look for it out in the open. Also, not in the snows. Dry land only, with a few exceptions of it showing up in some water.
[Talandra’s Rose Average Price: 42.6 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Tiger Lily
This herb favors water in Northrend, and you will find the nodes along inland shorelines. The best place is in the Borean Tundra, where there is only one lake, in the middle of the map. Do laps here and collect the easiest pick in Norhtrend.
[Tiger Lily Average Price: 54.4 GP Per 20 Stack]

–***** Lotus
I’m not going to sugar coat this. This is a pain the that *** to farm for. Only four, at max, are spawned at any given time, between each zone (Silithus, Winterspring, EPL, and Burning Steppes) with a 45 min to 1 hour respawn time. Now there are creatures you can “herb skin” with a very low rate. If you feel the need, take on Raven’s Wood Leafbeard and Raven’s Wood Stone bark (.02 to .08% chance).  Finish the quest (found here) to make them mobs neutral.
[***** Lotus Average Price: 77.3 GP Per 20 Stack]

–Frost Lotus
The last of the great Lotusi, found in Northrend, can, in fact, be dropped by several denizens of the lands. But the drop rate sucks. If you are going to find one, pick it up, don’t think twice about it. There is about a 6% chance of gathering through other plant nodes in Northrend, so pick up everything if you are going to farm for this plant.
[Frost Lotus Average Price: 322.2 GP Per 20 Stack]****

* I have a habit of jumping off cliffs. People hate it when I lead.
** Don’t believe this price. One of the servers has abused the AH and caused inflation of this item.
*** No AH listings on any of my servers. Junk item or rare find? You decide.
**** High end item. Better sold in single units rather than stacks of 20.

##As always, results will vary. GP (Gold Pieces) are averaged out over 6 different Auction Houses and double checked by me. All locations are scouted before hand for precision.##